Bored Working From Home? Do These 6 Things To Shake Up Your Scenery


by Emily Leary |
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Working from home can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it cuts down your travel costs and you can sleep in whenever you like, (so long as your boss doesn’t find out!) But on the other hand, it can get a little boring. It’s easy to fall into a mental rut when you don’t have to head out of the house every day. So here’s 6 things to do that will shake up your scenery and give a much-needed boost to your work day!

1. Shower, eat and get dressed!

It’s hard to feel productive in pyjamas. Make sure that if you’re working from home you still have a morning routine and prepare yourself for the day like you’re actually going into an office. Scrub your face, do your hair and dress yourself in clothes that are fit to be seen in public! After that, just watch yourself work more confidently.

2. Do your yoga/Pilates/meditation outside for a change

Feeling restless? Head to the nearest park to just breathe, relax and stretch for 20 minutes or so before you dive back into work. It’ll calm your mind and sooth your soul. Even if the sun’s not out, what’s better than a meditative yoga sesh, is doing it with the wind in your hair and the grass between your toes. You make attract some stares, but who cares? It’s worth it for the zen.

3. Hit up the cafes

Sometimes all you need is an invigorating drink, (from somewhere outside your kitchen,) and coffee-shop background noise to perk up your work day. A change of scenery can get you back on track when you’re out of steam. We recommend trying Starbucks Teavana Iced Tea Lemonade. The zing from a refreshing drink will snap you out of your sloth-mode and into a world of productivity.

4. Pamper yourself

If you’re stuck at home more often than not, make your house a haven. Soak in a luxurious bath, give yourself a manicure or make your own coconut oil facemask to really treat yourself. As your soaking in the bubbles, just think about everyone else at their normal jobs who are waaaay less relaxed than you.

5. Walk a dog

Having a dog to walk will force you to get out of the house and reinvigorate you when you’ve feeling sluggish. You will also feel good about giving your pup, (and yourself,) some fresh air and exercise. If you don’t have a dog, be a gem and walk a neighbour’s pet for them while they’re at work. They’ll love you for it.

6. Procrastinate by rearranging your stuff

Procrastination has a bad rep, but it can be helpful in short bursts. Colour-code your wardrobe. Line up your beauty products by size. It sounds slightly obsessive, but sometimes you just need to get up and do something with your hands. Creating an ordered environment can help bring you a sense of productivity when you’re sick of staring at a computer screen.

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