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The Best Inspirational Quotes From The 2018 Golden Globes

With a few gems from Oprah, of course

As exciting as it is to find out who won what award, one of the season's the biggest take aways is always what people say when they do find themselves up on the podium. And as we look ahead to yet another politically charged start to the year, it's no surprise that all eyes, (or ears, should we say) are on the winners speeches.

The sentiment of this year's Golden Globes was just as poignant as last year. While the talk of January 2017 was very much dominated by the dismay at the newly elected President of the United States, 2018's conversation was driven by the revelatory year Hollywood has had following Weinstein, Stacey and the #MeToo movement.

Actions spoke almost as loudly as words when the majority of attendees dressed in head to toe black in support of Times Up and the survivors of sexual assault. Red carpet chat was tethered around gender inequality rather than being solely about who celebrities had been dressed by. But the standout moment of the evening had to be dominated by the powerful words spoken by some of Hollywood's most influential women.

Right at the top of that list is Oprah, obviously. She became the first black woman to win the Cecil B DeMille Lifetime Achievement award in the 75 years that the Golden Globes have been running and with it came one of the most moving and on the money speeches we've heard since, well, Meryl Streep's super important one at the Golden Globes last year.

WATCH: Oprah Winfrey's Full Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

Oprah is one of the many women who had wonderfully powerful things to say this year, so we've pulled out some of the best bits below for you to bookmark/save/write onto post-it notes to stick around your bedroom mirror.

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