Apple Is Killing Off Its Most Annoying Feature



by Elizabeth Bennett |
Published on

We love apps. We couldn't get anywhere without Citymapper, hours of our day are lost to Instagram, and the Snapchat filters never get old. But there are some apps on our iPhone that never even get opened - who needs a compass when you have a phone with GPS?

Irritatingly, these built in apps cannot be deleted, and if this makes you as irrationally angry as us you’ll be very pleased to hear this news.

With the Apple iOS 10 update you will be able to delete a number of the iPhone’s permanent apps for good. Yep, at long last you’ll be able to get rid of Stocks, Health and the Apple Watch app. You can wave goodbye to wasting precious space with Finding My Iphone or Wallet, and free up room for downloading more of what you want. And about time, too.

If you then decide at a later date that you’ve made a big mistake, fear not. You can simply go to the Apple App store and re-download whichever app you deleted.

Here’s the full list of apps that you will soon be able to delete:

Podcasts, Maps, Compass, Tips, Calculator, Watch, Voice Memos, Contacts, Stocks, Weather, Calendar, Mail, Music, Reminders, Videos, FaceTime, Notes and the iTunes Store.

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