All Of The Best Alternative Wedding Cakes

Welcome to the year of the three-tiered stilton cake

Cheese wedding cake

by Sofia Tindall |

Thanks to the glitzy nuptials gone by (think Katie Price and the Kardashians), dropping a substantial chunk of your wedding budget on a cake to rival the wedding dress was the norm of the noughties.

In 2019 though, things have changed: maybe it's that millennials are said to value experiences over things, maybe it's the fact that Brexit has us stockpiling tinned goods and toilet paper, or maybe we've just gotten bored of having to take out a second mortgage to throw a wedding? Whatever it is, millennials seem to have officially decided that the new blow-out wedding is the budget wedding.

You can now get beautiful bridal dresses on the high-street, plan dream ceremonies for £5,000 (check out our guide for pulling this off here) and naturally the wedding cake, too, was due for a makeover befitting alternative ideas for 2019 weddings. Or - if you just don't really like cake that much (no judgement, because we're living for the invention of the cheese wedding cake).

So if you're looking for an alternative wedding cake, look no further. Here are some of the best ones that we've hunted down...


Best Alternative Wedding Cakes - Grazia

Best Alternative Wedding Cakes - Grazia
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Calling cheese addicts: this five-tiered cheese cake comes with a wheel of Coastal Cheddar, Red Leicester, Blue Stilton, Wensleydale and St Endellion Brie, and it's a snip at £30.

Best Alternative Wedding Cakes - Grazia
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If you're not a fan of icing, fear not. Meet the 2019 twist on the traditional offering: the grid-worthy 'Naked Wedding Cake' (If Bella Hadid's Instagram were a wedding cake, this would be it).

Best Alternative Wedding Cakes - Grazia
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Whilst maybe not one for the vegetarians - the 'Celebration Pork Pie' amazingly does the job of being as pretty and decoration-friendly as a traditional wedding cake (we're sensing major winter-wedding trend alerts).

Best Alternative Wedding Cakes - Grazia
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Feeling chic and french? Welcome to the tres snappable Chateau Macaron by Cafe Concerto.

Best Alternative Wedding Cakes - Grazia
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The 'Quartz' cheese wedding cake from the Courtyard Dairy comes with layers of fresh goats' milk cheese, a rich triple-cream Brie-style, a crumbly fresh Wensleydale and a creamy rich blue (and it's only £81).

Best Alternative Wedding Cakes - Grazia
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Not only can you get cheese wedding cakes these days - you can get colour-co-ordinated ones too, like this four-tier of Ossau Iraty, Kit Calvert Wensleydale, Cornish Yarg, Neufchâtel-en-Bray.

Best Alternative Wedding Cakes - Grazia
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The Croque En Bouche (profiterole cake) is the french equivalent of a traditional cake. If you're feeling a bit extra, this gold version starts at just £165.

Best Alternative Wedding Cakes - Grazia
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Looking to colour co-ordinate your wedding? You can pick and choose from different options for Lola's wedding cupcakes (and they're surprisingly budget-friendly at £134.50 for 42). Paging Pinterest...

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