Yes, Adele And Stormzy’s Relationship Is Absolutely Friendship Goals

After their endearing interaction during An Audience with Adele, here's everything we know about their relationship...

Adele and Stormzy

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Last night, An Audience with Adele was broadcasted on ITV where the singer performed songs from her new album, 30, amongst her other huge hits. Adele being the bubbly, hilarious personality we all love, there were plenty of heartwarming moments, like her forcing Alan Carr to get up and sing Make You Feel My Love while she touched up her makeup. But the best of all? When Stormzy got all shy asking Adele a question and she revealed the pair are actually 'super close'.

Stormzy was among a star-studded audience including Emma Watson and Naomi Campbell at the London Palladium, where the event was filmed earlier this month. But it was Stormzy and Adele’s friendship that got everyone talking. In fact, his name began trending while the show aired as viewers pointed out his excitement watching Adele perform.

During Alan Carr’s impromptu performance, Stormzy was waving his hands and singing every word with pure excitement. ‘Stormzy fangirling and singing his heart out, you love to see it,’ one Twitter user wrote.

Another viewer tweeted ‘Alan Carr belting a tune out, Emma Thompson dancing away and Stormzy singing every Adele lyric. This is Britain at its finest’ while another quoted Stormzy’s 2017 track ‘Big for your Boots’ with ‘'Rudeboy, you’re never too big for Adele". Stormzy wasn’t lying and when I see him on the screen it’s all I think’.

Unsurprisingly, everyone is obsessed with this relationship and Google searches for 'Adele and Stormzy relationship' have shot up. So, here’s everything we know about this iconic duo...

Adele and Stormzy relationship: how did the pair become friends?

The friendship between Adele and Stormzy has been widely documented. The two met back in 2017 on what Stormy described as the 'best day ever'. The grime artist met Adele backstage at her Brixton Academy gig, beaming as he posed next to her for a picture. He shared the snap with his 690,000 million followers on Instagram, captioning it with a row of heart-eyed emojis. Adele has been vocal about her love for Stormzy many times in the past, even giving him a shout-out at one of her O2 gigs in 2016 and dedicating Make You Feel My Love to him. Stormzy, who was in the audience at London's O2, was stunned - tweeting after the show 'nothing can steal my joy right now this woman is such a G.'

Speaking to the BBC ahead of his Radio 1 Big Weekend set, he said he couldn’t believe Adele had shouted him out. ‘Oh my days, to this day I still don't even believe it. It was such a moment, even the way I caught it on my Snapchat. A lot of people thought I was waiting for it [on Snapchat]. But I swear to you, I was just Snapchatting the show like on a fan vibe, then she said my name - I was like wow. I don't want to get emotional but that is massive. Man, Adele is an amazing, amazing artist, one of my inspirations so that was massive for me.’

Adele is a huge fan of Stormzy’s music, too, and was seen dancing and singing along with his mother at his own gig during the same year. She also praised his 2019 Glastonbury performance.

Earlier this month, in interview with The Face, Adele said she admired the rapper for his vulnerability. ‘I love how open he’s been about his mental health the entire time and I don’t think many people were doing that when he first came out,' she said. She even praised his mother, saying ‘His mum’s done a f***ing wonderful job with him.’

I love how open he’s been about his mental health, I don’t think many people were doing that when he first came out.

When Stormzy dropped his 2017 album, Gang Signs And Prayer, Adele praised it on her Instagram. The singer shared a picture of Stormzy, writing in the caption 'This fine young man's album is out today. Good luck darling @stormzyofficial.'

Overjoyed by the endorsement, he was filmed giggling and calling it a 'glorious day'.

When it comes to being spotted in public, the two have shared a very few in-person moments during their years-old friendship, with Adele admitting they are both 'very private' on last night's show. But back in 2018, Stormzy performed for Adele at her private, star-studded 30th birthday party - of which he shared some incredible pictures online.

Calling the party the ‘best night of [his] entire life, the now-removed post was captioned ‘WORDS WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH FOR THIS CAPTION BUT #TBT to the best night of my entire life,' he wrote. 'Came out and surprised my friend Adele at her birthday party. If you know me you know what this meant the absolute world to me. BEST NIGHT EVER.'

One picture sees Adele throwing gun fingers in the air, while another sees the pair sharing a hug. The two are also rumoured to have even gone on holiday together once, but neither have confirmed this. No wonder everyone is Googling 'Stormzy and Adele relationship' then, it's the friendship we all want to vicariously live through, but never quite get to see online.

The way the pair support and uplift one another - and, of course perform for each other - is something to be admired. Stormzy and Adele are serious friendship goals.

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