From Air Fryer Mince Pies to Mushroom Baubles, How 2023 Is Your Christmas?

The countdown to the festive season is officially on...

Christmas Party

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It's official, Christmas is coming. Gulp. It seems like only yesterday we were spending lazy days sunning ourselves in the park but now Halloween has been and gone, the festive period is well and truly underway.

If you need further proof, then look to John Lewis who released their annual Christmas report, detailing the top trends for this year's festive season, from air fryer mince pies to mushroom baubles (the new 'it' bauble for 2023) and dog’s visiting Santa (yes, it's a thing).

When it comes to the most on-trend gifting, according to Kathleen Mitchell, Commercial Director for John Lewis, crafty presents are going to big this year, with sales of candle, soap and pottery making kits up by +115%.

If you’re in need of some inspiration (or just want to discover how much of a festive cliché you are), here’s a rundown up of the biggest trends for Christmas 2023 according to the high street institution...

Air Fryer Mince Pies

'Air fryers are flying off the shelves', says Mitchell. Popping your pies in an air fryer rather than a conventional oven only takes 15 minutes before they turn golden brown, saving on both energy and effort. (But if you're after something even more convenient, Tesco has added Mince Pies to its meal deal range for the first time ever.)

Mushroom Baubles

For years, millennials have been associated (perhaps unfairly) with avocados. But in 2023, that finally looks set to change. John Lewis has declared that mushrooms are the new avocados, and they expect to see more people decorating their trees with fungi-themed baubles. The trend is apparently already commonplace in some parts of Europe; in Germany, placing mushrooms on the Christmas tree was traditionally a symbol for luck.

Santa Paws Experience

Coming in at number four on the trend report is the Santa Paws experience. Yes, this means what you think – treating your dog to their very own festive day out with a trip to see Santa. The John Lewis grotto includes a professional photo taken with Santa and your dog’s very own toy to take home.


The Friendmas trend – hosting a mini-Christmas dinner with friends rather than family – was set in motion a few years back during the pandemic, when travel restrictions meant lots of people couldn’t get home to their families. According to the report, this trend looks set to continue with one in three 18–24-year-olds planning a ‘Friendmas’ this year. Spending a day eating and drinking too much with our besties? We can't think of anything better.

All day pyjamas

The age-old dilemma – to dress up or down for Christmas? Traditionally it’s been a time when we don our most sparkly outfits, but the the tables are turning. According to the report, 34% of people say they’ll be dressing down for Christmas, a trend which is driven by younger respondents - more than half of 25–34-year-olds say they will stick to cosier clothing. On the most extreme end of the scale, a third of 18–24-year-olds say they’ll be wearing pyjamas all day, along with 14% of the population. We aren’t complaining.

90s toys

With Barbiecore and Britney Spears dominating many of the headlines in 2023, it is little wonder we’re all feeling nostalgic for the Noughties this festive season. According to John Lewis, 90s toys such as Barbie, Furby and Scalextric are going to make a comeback as gifts. Earlier this year, Hamleys said they had already seen a ‘definite boost’ in sales of Barbie driven by the movie release, with nostalgic ‘kidults’ driving sales (guilty).

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