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You know how Sundays tend to be the most depressing all days? You’re probably hungover and there’s the black cloud of back-to-work doom hanging over the whole house? Here’s a suggestion; instead of ignoring your flatmates and spending a solid 12 hours in bed watching New Girl, reclaim your Sunday – after all it’s half your weekend.

Something we started doing a while ago here at The Debrief was World Food Sundays - it’s pretty much as simple as it sounds. Between housemates and various boyfriends and friends, it’s about spending the day creating an evening centred around a certain country. We’re talking food, drinks, films, games and a playlist. If you want to dress up – by all means go right ahead.

Here’s USA (it’s an easy one to start you off)

The Food

Think calorific and meaty delicious. Make the big centerpiece a huge tray of pulled pork – perfect for feeding a crowd – which is inevitably what you’ll get when the idea catches on. The SORTED boys’ easy-to-follow pulled pork recipe is bang on and doesn’t involve loads of expensive ingredients. Buy a whole bunch of white rolls (the more plastic-y the better) and a ton of ketchup and mustard. It’s also a good idea to buy a few jars of those gross-looking frankfurters (trust us, they’re actually delicious). Boil a whole bunch and have them to fill the buns when the pork runs out.

Fry-wise (because of course there’s fries), take some baking potatoes, cut them into wedge shapes, boil them for 20 mins then cover them from head to toe in paprika and oil before shoving in the oven for half an hour. There’s also this spice which works nicely too.

The Drink

All sorts of beer – Get yourself some Samuel Adams or Goose Island –they’re both available in most supermarkets in the UK now. If beer’s not your thing then here’s Bacardi’s yummy recipe for a Long Island Iced Tea. Don’t forget the red cups. You’ve got have red cups – buy them here.



I mean it’s gotta be beer pong isn’t it? Taken out of the hands of frat boy bros it’s actually pretty fun. Here’s the rules.


The Playlist


Erm, Independence Day obvs. Where else are you going to get Will Smith at his hotness peak and the president of the United State flying fighter jets? Totally ridiculous but bonkers brilliant – even if you’ve already seen it seven times. Buy it for a bargainous £3.40.


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