Here Are The Winners Of Our Valentine’s Day Card Competition

Can't find a Valentine's Day card in the shops that doesn't make you cringe? Download one of our winning illustrations and make your own!

Here Are The Winners Of Our Valentine's Day Card Competition

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First things first; thank you SO much to all the entrants in our Valentine's Day card competition. You guys are far more talented than us.

We had an amazing selection but we've had to whittle it down to these three lucky winners. Haven't managed to get out and buy a V-Day card for anyone yet (and seriously, who's that organised)? Or can't find one in the shops that doesn't make you want to cringe? Then download one of these from the links below, and either print out to give to your beloved IRL, or if you're feeling shy, whack it in an email. You're so welcome.

Emily Coxhead, 22

We love Emily’s simple yet clever design. We also LOVE doughnuts. No brainer really.

Emily Coxhead
Emily Coxhead

Download full-size here

Ellie Blackwell, 25

Ellie went down a sexy route. No time for anything soppy here. Her unusual style stays well clear of anything too “Valentines”

Ellie Blackwell

Download full-size here

Paloma Benzo Callejo, 28

Paloma plucked at our heart strings with these emoji filled cards. Boy version and girl version. Simples.

Paloma Benzo Callejo

Download full-size here

Paloma Benzo Callejo

Download full-size here

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