Whaddya MEAN You Aren’t Watching The Good Wife? Season Five Starts Tomorrow – Here’s Your Cheat Sheet

It's the best show you're not watching


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Think More4 telly shows are just for fusties? No way, my friend. If you’ve written off The Good Wife up until now cos you thought it was just one for the Grand Designs generation then you’re wrong. Very very wrong. In case you’re not familiar, the show follows Alicia Florrick – played by Julianna Margulies, (George Clooney’s love interest from super-vintage ER days) whose suburban soccer mom world is turned upside down when her husband – a politician – is jailed after a sex (read: lots and lots of prostitutes) and corruption scandal.

In order to keep her life together, Alicia returns to her job as a high-flying lawyer after 13 years away, which coincidentally is at a firm now run by her former law-school flame. You can see where this is going right? Right. Either way, it’s glorious. Here’s why you need to set a reminder for it.

Julianna Margulies Can Wear The Hell Out A Suit

Wearing casual clothes to work does save a shedload on dry cleaning but still, there’s something about the colour-blocked, sharp tailoring that Alicia wears which makes us think people at work might take us more seriously if we at least brushed our hair in the morning. She’s also dead good at drinking red wine, destroying slime balls in court and independent womaning.

We’ve Got A Girl Crush On Archie Panjabi

You might remember Archie from Bend It Like Beckham, or The Constant Gardener? Anyways, she plays Kalinda in The Good Wife, the law firm’s investigator who you absolutely shouldn’t mess with. She’s just as likely to wrestle you in to a headlock as she is to give you a good seeing to in the bedroom. Either way you’ll enjoy it.

It Went To The Ally McBeal School Of Lawyer Shows

Minus the weird shit that is; Ally’s dancing baby was messed up. One thing Ally McBeal did do well though was introducing a new case each episode meaning you could either dip in and out of random episodes and not get too confuzzled with the storylines or - if you've got the time - binge watch the whole thing. We binge watched, but you guys might have more of a life.

It’s On Top Of Current Affairs That Are On Your Radar

Recently, the show featured a case that involved naming and shaming ‘criminals’ on photo-sharing websites. You might remember a similar issue IRL when the internet used Flickr to hunt down Boston Bomber suspects. It’s also dealt with cases involving social media, the censorship of serch engine results, online currencies and revenge porn. It’s basically like watching the news*, but fun.

*sort of

Mr Big Is In It

And he’s still a cheating bastard. Totally would though.

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