Want To Know What You’ll Be Eating This Year? We’ve Seen The Future Of Food And It’s Erm, Uncooked

See also bottled cocktails and butter coffee. Yum?


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A new year means it’s time to dust off our crystal ball and try and predict which food trends will be huge in 2015. From bottled cocktails and butter coffee to raw brownies and Korean bulgogi, here’s the five trends we predict everyone will be scoffing in 2015…


Korean food has been bubbling under as the ‘next big thing’ for several years. Could 2015 could finally be the year we all go crazy for kimchi and gaga for bulgogi? Several big new openings are coming in London – including Jinjuu from Iron Chef judge Judy Joo, and a second Bibigo in Islington (the original is in Soho). Korean food is starting to get popular in other big cities too at places like the new Bulgogi Grill in Leeds and Binari in Brighton. Plus, here's a recipe you can make at home.

Raw food

Switch off the oven and get ready for raw food. This niche health food trend is going to be huge in 2015 when natural foods blogger Deliciously Ella (AKA Ella Woodward) releases her first cookbook in January. Her raw brownies (made with dates, pecans and raw cacao powder) already have a cult following online. Brownies we can snack on proudly at the gym? Add to that early next year The Richmond (361 Queensbridge Road) will open in Dalston specialing in raw dishes including cerviche, and negronis on tap. We’re so on board with this trend.


Ramen bars got all the press in 2014, but there’s another Japanese import getting noodle nerds excited: udon. The thick wheat noodles can be served hot or cold and with or without broth (the endless options on the menu at Koya in London, where they knead the noodle dough with their feet the traditional way, is a great example of udon’s versatility). New opening Den in London makes everything in house, too – and is getting lots of buzz.

Butter coffee

Butter in your coffee sounds all kinds of gross, right? Not if you believe some of the world’s biggest coffee geeks. Butter coffee aka Bulletproof Coffee is a blend of high-quality, low-toxin coffee and grass-fed butter. Apparently the combination of lots of caffeine and the butter fat gives you an enormous energy kick in the morning and helps speed up your metabolism, which is why this trend which started in the US and is gaining traction in Britain is weirdly popular with gym bunnies. Apparently it tastes like a creamy latte. We’ll stick to the flat whites, thanks.

Bottled cocktails

If you’d rather spend less time at the bar waiting for the bartender – sorry, mixologist – to put bells and whistles on your drink – and more time chatting with your pals, then this is the trend for you. Forget alcho pops and gin in a tin (though the latter has its moments), these libations are mixed up by some of the best and feature premium ingredients. Dandelyon and Bar Termini in London, and Hyde & Co in Bristol all offer bottled cocktails for sharing or solo sipping.

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