I Wanna Marry Harry Is Already Cancelled In The US

Fox dating show is a royal flop


by Fiona Byrne |
Published on

The ridiculous dating show in which 12 women were brought to the UK and told they were competing to date Prince Harry has been pulled from air in the US – after just four episodes.

American viewers were not buying the show concept whatsoever. Only two million tuned into the premiere on May 20 and the numbers were down to under a million this week. That, in American TV ratings terms, is totally and utterly shit.

Thankfully, those with a serious addiction to terrible TV can still watch the shows online at Fox.com and Hulu.

As previously reported, the girls were suspicious of ‘Prince Harry’ from day one and were not entirely convinced that the Queen would allow her grandson to take partin a Ryan Seacrest-created dating show.

This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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