Podcast: Listen To Us Get Drunk And Talk About Paula Hawkins’ New Book Girl On The Train

In which we do The Debrief's version of a book club: drunk


by Jess Commons |
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Have you read the book that everyone's been talking about this month? If you haven't already, Paula Hawkins' *The Girl On The Train *is basically 2015's answer to Gone Girl and is currently top of the New York Times Bestseller List, despite being set in sleepy Buckinghamshire.

The book's centred around Rachel, a chronic mess who's struggling two years down the line from her divorce. The only thing that's keeping her going is her obsession with a seemingly perfect couple who's house she passes every day on the train. But when she sees something odd happen, can she help figure out what's really going on?

Because we kept talking about the book here at The Debrief, but we didn't fancy the idea of a conventional book club, we decided to invent Boozy Books; which is basically book club, but with booze. Obvs.

If you've read the book and want to join in, grab a drink, listen to the below and send us your thoughts on Twitter.

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