Vine Accounts To Make You LOL This Saturday

Anyone else having a weekend on the sofa?


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What do you do this weekend when you’re bored of Netflix and have eaten all the Jaffa cakes in the fridge? Tune in to Vine, that’s what. Like Twitter you get six-second spurts of genius on a LOL loop.

Now with over 40 million registered users, there’s a hilarious mix of comedians, singers, artists and a quite a lot of people, a bit like us today, with simply way too much time on their hands to know what to do.

Here's some of our favorite follows for maximum LOL.

**Brittany Furlan, **7.7M followers

Meet actress/comedian Brittany one of Vine's biggest personalities. She can pull a million different faces in six seconds and has the most adorable mini dog that features in a lot of her videos.

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Arielle Vandenberg, **967.9K **followers

Not only is the girl completely hillarious (in a very short time contraint) but she's the most perfect looking human being we've encourtered, possible ever. We're not the only ones who think so - Arielle used to date Alex Turner (From Artic Monkeys).

**Meagan Cignoli, **526K followers

If you're after a feed with plently of style look no further than Viner and fashion snapper Meagan who makes incredible arty videos using stop start annimation of everything from clothes, coffee, and cocktails - three of our favourite things.

**Alyssa Light, **710.3K followers If Vine were the XFactor well this girl would get even Simon standing. Her voice is a tad whiny but fans of T-Swift will love this Alyssa, whose videos mainly feature her face (fairly close up) singing a current pop song. We expect an Ariana Grande style pop career coming shortly.

**Maris Jones, ****10.3K **followers

If you're looking to be impressed by some stopstart annimation, or simply by how many outfits or hair styles someone can rock in six seconds this is the feed for you. Brooklyn based Maris will WOW you were her tech skills.

**Hazelst, **35.4K followers

If you're in to arty things - and want to feel vaguely cultural - then Meghan Doherty (as she's otherwise known) is one to watch. She also write a book called 'How Not To Be A Dick' - sentiments we agree greatly with.

**Yves Das, **14.1K followers

Another stopstart annimating mastermind, this feed is so impressive it's like going to the cinema over and over and watching a better version of *Wallace And Gromit. *

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