We’ve Made A Pre-Going Out Game From The Realtime Selfie Feed

And you thought selfies were going away...


by Holly Peacock |
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If you thought seflies were going away, this may convince you otherwise. (And also make you never want see one again)

Selfeedis a realtime feed of all of the instagram images uploaded to #Selfie.

Ok, it may be an overwhelming visual equivalent to the Selfie Song and an insight into how narcissistic we've become…but we can't stop watching it. We figured that whilst we’re hating ourselves for caring, we might as well have some fun with it.

So here it is, the Selfeed pre-going out game. Play with a group of pals, perhaps to this 90s party playlist and it'll give you the same happiness Dream Phone/prank calling did, but this time you have booze…

It basically goes like this. Every time you see one of the following photos there is a consequence:

Spot the Kardashian gang:

If (or should we say when) a Kardashian selfie pops up - everyone must scroll through their phone contacts.

When Selfeed game host shouts 'stop', the contact you land on you must either be deleted or you have to send them a snapchat video of you saying, ‘Do you love it?’ in an American accent

A driving Selfie:**

Someone has taken a selfie whilst driving.They’re idiots.

Have a shot in their honour. *Do not exceed 3 shots or you may not make it out

**Nonchalant Selfie: **

They are probably pretending to be asleep. Absolute classic.

Any candid ‘I’m taking this of myself but I’m pretending someone else has papped me’ Selfie needs drastic acknowledgement. Swap an item of clothing with the person to your right.

Faceless Selfie:

Any body shot, without a face. A headless seflie ain’t no selfie.

The youngest person of the group, by days/minutes/hours – whatever - must choose one social network and upload one of the following as their status. (If it happens again the second youngest must choose, and so on)

  • Shout out to my soul mate, lover and all round snuggle monster. You know who you are ; )

  • Live. Love. Life

  • Not feeling too hot today. Like if you disagree?

*Sorry. *

Snogger Selfie:

We aren't hating on the lovers but a snog selfie is sometimes too much to bare.

Everyone in a relationship must read aloud the next text they receive.

Sneaky Selfie:

Someone hiding behind a blanket, their hands, another object.

The first person who can name five 90s boy-bands must be bought a drink by everyone during the night out.

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Picture: Rory DCS

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