University Checklist: Absolutely Every Last Single Thing You Need To Take With You

From pants to peelers to pyjamas, make sure you got it all Illustrated by Kate Prior

University checklist

by Jess Commons |
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Heading off to university can be a scary, scary thing. So much so that when I went, I spent the whole drive being a bitch to my lovely parents to cover up the fact that inside I was FUCKING TERRIFIED.

Trust us on this, once you get there, it won’t be all that bad and, if it is, just give us a call and we’ll come down and rough up any chancers who are making your life a misery.

One thing we can do definitely though, is help you get prepared and make sure you’ve got all the bits you’re going to need for your big move. Because, let’s face it, it is a big move. Moving out of your parents, into what’s essentially your first flat, you’re striking out on your own and a jolly good job you’re going to make of it, too.

Anyways, here’s what you need to pack for university in your first year. Your university checklist if you will. Print and tick off the list when you’ve chucked the item in your suitcase. Don’t worry if you’ve got like 10 suitcases – it’s amazing what your mum or dad’s car can actually fit in when it’s really under pressure.

For Your Bedroom


    In The Kitchen


        Boring stuff

          Stuff to get your mum to buy you in the supermarket down the road

            Stuff for actual work

              For the bathroom

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                Illustrated by Kate Prior

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