The TED Talks To Watch When You’re So Hungover You Can’t See

Accidentally drink all the drinks last night? Fear not – with all these hangover-appropriate TED talks to get though, you needn’t leave the safety of your bed for a solid eight hours. We got you. Artwork by Alex Coll


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So you essentially mainlined tequila last night and now it feels like your face is imploding in on itself as a tiny weight-builder moshes around in your brain listening to Ramstein. Wearing clogs. You’d love to go downstairs and get on with your day, you really would, but every time you’ve tried to move in the last hour and a half you’ve had a sneaky suspicion you might die – plus your housemates are all sitting in the living room just dying to relay how embarrassing you were last night.

Your options are limited – you’re going to have to stay in bed for the foreseeable. But don’t worry, we’ve lined up the most hangover appropriate TED talks to keep you occupied for these next, critical few hours. Consume with a glass of water the size of your arm.

The Funny One

There really is only one way to keep the doom at bay when you’re feeling as hanging as you are, and that’s laughter. Luckily, this brilliantly awkward TED talk from Julia Sweeney about how she delivered the sex talk to her daughter will have you chuckling away in no time. Stage one – complete.

The Shame, THE SHAME! one

OK, so you’ve made it past the first hurdle and now it’s time to deal with the fact you might be feeling embarrassed about some of the stuff you got up to last night. You have a vague memory of dancing on a table with someone called Julio in harem pants. This is less than ideal. But don’t give into the shame spiral, watch this amazing talk from Brené Brown and you’ll learn how to deal with shame head on so it doesn’t have to take over your life. It’s funny, too.

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The One That Will Make You Feel Like a Legit Human

So you’ve realised that you should probably not worry to much about what went on last night and might be looking into the future. Always dangerous when you’re feeling a little bit delicate. Enter ‘Why 30 is not the new 20’ by Meg Jay. Don’t be petrified by the name – you’ll finish this TED talk feeling like you’ve got the skills to start a business empire or, at the very least, muster the courage to phone the Domino’s delivery man and ask him what deals they’ve got on.

The One That’ll Tell You Everything’s Going To Be Alright

OK, so you got a little bit more wasted than you wanted to – so what? With this talk by Dan Gilbert you’ll develop a ‘psychological immune system’, so that you can feel truly happy even when things don’t go as planned.

Now – fully restored, it’s time to wipe off last night’s make-up, get out of bed and take off those pyjamas. We’re here for you, but you really do look like a prick.

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