All The Stuff We Basically Want To Gift Ourselves This Christmas From Etsy

Because a spot of festive self gifting never hurt anyone...


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Obviously Christmas is all about giving, but in the interests of cheering ourselves up at the end of what’s been a pretty torrid year (oh hey there Brexit and Donald Trump) we reckon it’s perfectly acceptable to whack a couple of extra bits for your self in your virtual shopping basket, right?

So Team Debrief have raided Etsy to bring you all the stuff we’ll most certainly be gifting ourselves this Christmas. Unless our nearest and dearest happens to be reading this… in which case, go nuts guys.

Gold stacking rings, Jess, deputy editor

Stacking Rings
Stacking Rings

I am just about as obsessed as a woman can be at finding more gold rings to add to my growing collection. I will not stop until I’ve got more finger decoration than Captain Jack Sparrow. These rings are jolly useful in that they can be paired with just about any other gold ring in my collection but equally, look great by themselves if I’m feeling a little more refined. Also, they’re reasonably priced so there’s literally no excuse if they don’t show up in my stocking on the big day. Thanks Santa.

Succulent Planter - Alyss, social media editor

Succulent Planter

I’m a sucker for plants (who isn’t) and seeing as I’ve killed off the last batch I got these, succulent plant pots would be perfect for Christmas. I’d vow to look after the baby succulents from day one, watering them whenever they were thirsty, and then probably kill them off by day seven - but hey who cares look who adorable the pots are. You could even use them as makeup brush holders after, or put your cotton buds, pencils or spare cash in them. The possibilities are endless, I’ll take five please and thanks.

2017 Cactus Wall Planner - Tara, intern

Cactus Wall Planner

I have a weird and geeky love for wall planners. As I can’t get a new diary for the year ahead for Christmas (I sold my soul to the Filofax brand a few years ago), there’s nothing like blu-tacking a clean, blank wall planner above my desk come New Year’s Day to start the year afresh. I like this one because of its clean design and the fact the cacti will match the ones on my desk. The first things I’ll add in are birthdays and any provisional plans for the summer, as a way of coping with January, obviously.

Rainbow Highlighter - Aimee, audience development executive

Rainbow Highlighter

Dewy, glowing skin which looks like you have been exclusively drinking kale and wheatgrass smoothies and/or regularly indulging in spa weekends in the Maldives is the utter dream, right? Anything rainbow-inspired (see: doughnuts, bagels, handbags) is also a glorious wet dream (I’m a millennial living in a rented room, I don’t get out much). So this rainbow highlight which will have me being spotted from space, without me having to give up next month’s rent and/or sanity is a Godsend. Ten please, Mrs Clause. I want to spend 2017 SPARKLING.

Oven Mitt Bear Paw Kitchen Glove, Lydia, Intern

Bear Claw Oven Mitt

This bear paw kitchen glove is actually un-bearable (I’m sorry). Living in a shared house with four other Uni students, oven gloves are at the bottom of the shopping list meaning mouldy kitchen rags with unidentified stains and burns from last night’s pizza ‘snack’ will have to make do for now. It would also be useful for those fancy dress parties, giving me an even better excuse to wear my bear onesie. I don’t know whether artificial fur is flammable, but that’s a risk I’d be willing to make.

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