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Spend £18.50 And Turn Your Garden Into A Summer Oasis

Spend £18.50 And Turn Your Garden Into A Summer Oasis

Go shopping this morning, invite your mates over this afternoon.

Because you’re not an Ecclestone, or a banker, your back garden probably looks less like this, and more like this. Which means that even though the weather’s all nice and stuff now, you don’t really fancy spending any time in it at all.

But who’s to say you can’t make your garden ace on a budget? We’ve scoured Pinterest for some top ideas and come up with a shopping list of things you can buy in local shops to help take your back garden from awful to oasis.


First stop, head to Tesco and pick up your own personal swimming pool paddling pool to keep cool. At four foot across, this could probably fit like, three of your mates in. And some cans of cider to keep cool.

Plus, if you Instagram from the right angle, how the hell are your followers meant to know that you’re not actually in the rooftop pool at Shoreditch House and are instead actually sitting in six inches of bath water in kiddie pool?

Hey, if they can film Titanic in nine feet of water, you can totally pull off this illusion.


While you’re at Tesco, grab yourself a disposable BBQ (or here). Theirs is actually pretty damn good. Plus, they’re only £2. Get your friends to bring food on account of the fact that you’re providing the location and, since they should be eternally grateful, stipulate that they don’t bring frozen burgers made from questionable meat like last time. Insist that they splash out on some with rosemary in. Or chorizo. Or apple. GAH.

If you can’t handle the (admittedly hideous) look of the disposable BBQ, then artfully surround it with rocks. But do it better than this person has.

Source: Instructables

Posh games

Because that’s what posh people do in the summer. Other than play polo and there’s 10/10 no way we’re going to get you a set of horses and hire of Prince Harry for under £15, this croquet set from Argos is a measley £4.99 (down from a tenner, might we add) and yes, it might be a children’s set but beggars can’t be choosers.

If croquet’s not your game then head to Tiger and check out this giant Mikado set or these giant badminton racquets.

Source: Ruffle


Elegant and understated lighting is called for once the sun goes down here. If you’re lucky enough to still have a Wilko in your town, head there and pick up these string lights for £3.50.

Source: Apartment Therapy


Because this is the UK in summertime there’s not a hope in hell the ground is going to be totally dry and so sitting on your neglected grass isn’t going to cut it. Again in Wilko, pick up some of these fleecy blankets for £3, or, if you’re still at Tesco, grab a couple of these super cheap cushions that are bascially a Morroccan dream.

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