How To Be A Snapchat Queen From The Girl Reaching 100 Million Users

Poppy Jamie is the face of Snapchat and even hosts her own Snapchat telly show. Surely she can help us be the best that we can be?

How To Be A Snapchat Queen From The Girl Reaching 100 Million Users

by Jess Commons |

Want to up your Snapchat game? Look no further than Poppy Jamie. The presenter and model, (who is best friends with Suki Waterhouse) is so into the app, she's even got her own TV show on it; Pillow Talk with Poppy, which, as well as reaching 100 million users is basically where Poppy gets in her pyjamas and interviews celebs (also in their pyjamas) in a big round bed which, amonsgt other things, makes us wonder; where would you buy circular sheets?

Anyways, in the spirit of #NewYearNewYou, we decided Poppy at upping our own profiles - here's what she said...

Hello Poppy! How many followers do you have?

I get about 100-120k views total a day... You can never know how many followers you have exactly.. Bit of a guessing game!

I want to up my Snapchat followers. How do I do that?

I launched a talk show on Snapchat's discover platform so lots of people started following me from that. It is harder to build followers on Snapchat because you can't just follow hashtags and the like. But that's the genius of it, Snapchat isn't about that. It's a platform where you share exactly what you want to share without trying to think about gaining followers, hashtags and strategy.

Does Twitter or Insta to help?

I think if you want to build a Snapchat following, it does help to bring over followers from the other platforms.

Can I make money from my Snapchat account?

More and more brands are trying to get involved in Snapchat because it's real and a much more authentic way to communicate with people. I often do Snapchat takeovers, for example I took over River Island's Snapchat while I was at Glastonbury festival and vlogged about all the things going on. It was really fun and much more spontaneous than if I was trying to make a YouTube video about it.

Do you think Snapchat is more or less important than other social media platforms?

I think it's becoming more important as it's real. No face-tuning, minimal editing, no saving for later then posting... It's just real life and I think we all need a bit more real since Instagram and Twitter have become so curated and idealistic.

What sort of content does well with your followers?

Funny stuff, activities, jokes, random video-ing of life! I love following friends who actually try and make comedy skits out of their snaps.

How important is your username? Should it just be your name or something more interesting?

I think, if you can still get your name then that's good and makes it easier for people to find you. But I couldn't even get 'Poppyjamie' because someone else had bagged it before I signed up so I had to go with the second best option; 'Poppy_jamie'. Justin Bieber has a random name and so do many other celebs but if you want friends to find you easily without confusion, then your name is a good choice!

How long do you make your Snapchat stories? Is there a preferred length?

No preferred length.. But enough to give my followers a good insight into my day. My little bro told me I snapchat too much and my stories are too long... I can't help it! I get over excited! Some days will be more.. Some days less.

Poppy will be hosting TED x Teen on the 16th of January

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