Slow Club’s Rebecca: ‘It’s A Constant Joke That I Sing Katy Perry Fireworks Always’

One-half of the Sheffield pop duo fills us in on singing karaoke, Harry Potter and getting chucked out of pubs.


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Hello Rebecca. What’s the best thing about being from Sheffield?

Umm… good question! It’s not too far from London?

That’s always good I guess.

Well, it means I can go home a lot. I’ve got like the most amazing group of friends there and my family. The city’s just a hub of amazing creative people with so much art and so much music. There’s not really any competitiveness, like you get in London. Yeah, it’s the best.

Is it fun to go out in?

Well, the best worst place is this place called Dempseys, which is like a gay bar that does karaoke all the time. It sounds so great and it really should be wonderful, but they’re so rude and mean there and we've been kicked out so many times. We’ve thrown our loyalty cards in the river, we’ve sworn never to go there again, and as soon as you’ve had a bottle of Prosecco, you’re like, ‘Let’s go sing Shania Twain,' and you end up going again. It’s a curse. And my friend got punched in the face outside there the other day.


Yeah, it’s a crazy place, but I bet you any money I will be there pretty soon.

When you do karaoke, do you go all out? I mean, you sing for your job so isn’t that cheating?

I only do two Katy Perry songs and then I stop. I try very hard, though! It’s kind of like a constant joke that I always sing Firework.

Oh, good choice!

I can’t even sing it. It’s so hard, like even though I’m a professional singer. It’s all I have and I can’t hit those notes. I think that the day I do sing it really well and nail it, I’ll drop dead or something.

I’m going to try and search YouTube and see if someone’s uploaded a video of you trying to sing it.

Yeah, it’s probably somewhere. I’ll send you one if not. I do The One That Got Away better.

Aren't you like bezzie mates with Daniel Radcliffe. Has he told you any Harry Potter secrets?


Has he not? That’s rubbish.

We didn’t really talk about Harry Potter that much. He’s a total pal now and we hang out when we can. It’s really cool and funny that through the power of our music, we became pals with this super-famous person. But, um, no secrets I’m afraid.

Do people always think you are Charles [bandmate Charles Watson] are together?

For a long time, people assumed we were a couple but now they can really tell we’re not. And we’re quite clearly not related, either. He looks like, well, he's from a nice warm country, while I look like my mother.

So it’s not annoying or anything when that happens anymore?

No, I don’t care. It’s fine. It’s funny 'cause we get to do our skit about the family support centre.

What the worst thing about being on tour?

Loads of it! Mainly not being able to exercise drives me insane. And I’m big into my classes. So I can’t do my classes with all the yummy mums. Having to eat like at Pizza Expresses all the time and stuff, too – that drives me crazy.

Who’s more annoying, you or Charles?

I mean, it’s probably me. But you know, we’re both pretty frustrating, I imagine. But we also get on, I think.

Do you guys have a massive tour bus, like in Spiceworld or is it mini-vans and Travelodges?

It’s tiny, crappy vans and Travelodges, yeah. I’ve never been on a big sleeping bus but some friends who’ve had them don’t really rate them ‘cause you have to wait to get a shower. You’re all on top of each other, too. Even in a Travelodge, you can shut the door and take a break from each other. Sometimes I get my own room now and I don’t have to share with stinky boys, and that is great.

Hells yeah

Although I do like sharing with Charles 'cause he smells fantastic.

What does he smell like?

Lots of Kiehl's products.

Oh! Classy guy. Has he got better beauty products than you?

Oh yeah, big time! He has, he actually has. He spends way more money than me.

*Slow Club's new album, Complete Surrender, is out **14 *July.

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