Six Of The Most Pointless And Baffling Office Gadgets You’ll Ever Come Across

The Ollie robot is a small robot that rolls about, and everyone's supposed to want one in their office. Here are some even more pointless office gadgets that nobody would ever need/want (includes an air conditioned shirt complete with dual fans)


by Stevie Martin |

The Ollie is an app-controlled robot that rolls around the floor, and is being marketed as the new 'fun' office gadget everyone's dying to put on their Christmas lists. But what's it for, bar ramming into your colleagues' ankles? Here are six more office gadgets that'll make you stare blankly at your screen and wonder WTF is going on with the world.

**A pen that you can spin around on your finger while you're thinking. **


You know when someone has asked you to prepare for a meeting but you can't think because your pen won't spin around your fingers properly due to its ergonomic design? Thank god some genius came up with a pen with a finger hole in it, then. What an un-annoying, really useful addition to your average bic. It's not like it's liable to spin off and hit your boss in the face, or anything (although this could be a plus).

A prankster fan


This mini fan isn't designed for cooling down the office environment. Instead, it's designed for office pranksters to, erm, blow air at people. No, really, this is the sole purpose of this invention: 'A true classic in the realms of cubical warfare and animal prankdom,' says the description. 'The AirZooka blasts an invisible ball of air at an unsuspecting victim and leaves them wondering "wtf was that!?" Well that's certainly the best prank I've ever heard of in my life. Will be purchasing one immediately.

**A treadmill desk **


For the office worker who can concentrate on the minutae of their day job while running on a treadmill, this is the ideal marriage of two worlds you'd never actually want to marry each other. There's a reason why people tend to go to the gym after and/or before work, and that's because nobody can perform a successful mail merge while blinded by sweat dripping into their eyes.

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A monitor rearview mirror


If you're an incredibly paranoid person, then stick this mirror on your computer to watch what's going on behind you at all times! Who knows, someone could be filling up their water bottle, photocopying some documents or creeping up behind you with a large knife! Especially useful if you fancy someone at work and don't feel they'd be creeped out by you staring at them all day via a reflective surface.

**A nap pod **


For exhausted types who have no interest in maintaining any sense of self respect, simply blow up this inconspicuous bouncy castle in which to have a nap. Nobody will notice, because they'll be too embarrassed to say anything, but don't be overwhelmed if you find yourself without a job soon after. For added fun, try turning it upside down and making a weird inflatable den. That's bound to get you a promotion.

**An air-conditioned shirt **


If you're hot and sweaty (and can't blast yourself with an AirZooka - see above) but don't want to cool down by opening the window or turning on the air conditioning that you're pretty much guaranteed to have in your office, then consider an air-conditioned shirt. Plus: crisp white shirts are totally back in fashion, so you'll be cool in both senses of the word. Minus: if you turn your back, everyone will be able see you've got dual fans attached to your shirt.

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