The Saved By The Bell Gang Are Back Together, And We’re Losing Our Sh*t

OMFG Saved By The Bell is back (for 8.11 mins only)


by Debrief Staff |
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OMFG X 100. Jimmy Fallon arranged a Saved By The Bell reunion and it's the best thing ever. That theme tune! Those lockers! Those outfits!

One thing we can't help but notice is that AC Slater HAS NOT CHANGED ONE BIT (to the point where it's a tad bit spooky); Zack Morris is still a massive catch, and Kelly Kapowski is as cute as ever!

Even Mr Belding has made a special cameo. We're not asking where Screech is. #Awks.

Watch the full video below to be instantly transported back to your childhood, where your biggest issue in life was what colour pen to do your homework with.

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