Here’s How To Throw The Best Party Ever Without Blowing All Your Hard Earned Cash

Or losing your deposit


by Tabi Jackson Gee |

We hear you. You want to throw a party to celebrate starting uni/moving house/life in general but no sooner has the facebook group invite been set up you're already freaking out because your limited funds don’t match your grand plans to set the level of fun at an insurmountable peak that no other person can top. Ever.

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Where the hell to start? Decks are expensive, lighting is expensive, drinks are expensive… and replacing your carpet is sure as hell expensive. But we’ve got your back.

Here’s your ultimate guide to having the best house party on a budget - without spending that money you were very sensibly saving for Christmas presents.

Have your party as soon as possible

Rule number one: have the party before you buy anything nice for your house. Or better still, before you’ve even properly unpacked and moved in. You may be tempted to show off all those Indian wall hangings you got while you were finding yourself this summer, but you won’t be happy when they end up being used as a duvet by one of the stragglers who refuses to leave.

The damage control

Remember that time last year, when you were at that party, (at the house of the guy you had the mega hots for) and things were going really well. Suddenly, silence. The music has been switched after the police have arrived because of noise complaints. Here’s how you stop that happening; find some duct tape, and loads and loads of cardboard. Put layers of it on all your windows (preferably with some kind of duvet/ pillows in between the layers). Then use what you have left to cover any carpet. (As we said, carpet is expensive to replace. And a pain to clean).

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The drinks

You’re not Daddy Warbucks, so obviously this is mainly a BYOB affair. But to kick off the evening, how about treating the early birds to a classy cocktail like the Cuba Libre? Sounds impressive, but actually it's super easy to pull off: it being basically Bacardi Gold Rum and Coke in a careful combination. Plus, it's the perfect cocktail to ressurect at the end of the night too when everyone's despairing that there's only one pesky bottle of Coke left on the "mixers tables." Just add limes and it'll fool even your most discerning friend into thinking you're a pro grown up.


The music

You know that mate who’s always harping on about how much he wants to be a DJ? Well now is his time to shine. And hopefully if he’s half serious he’ll have his own decks, so all you need to provide is the speakers and the lights. Which, split between all of your housemates shouldn’t be too spenny.

Failing that, here's Fashion Week DJ and all-round ace girl Chelsea Leyland's 8-song playlist to get the party started. Includes SBTRKT's *New Dorp. New York *- which, fact to drop, was all over New York Fashion Week. **


The food

Does anyone ever eat at these things? Probs not. But if you’re really keen to be the hostest with the mostest and serve up some kind of sustenance, a simple solution of some crisps and some dips would be our choice. But be warned, they’re more likely to end up smudged into the floor than in anyone’s tummies.

That will be all. Ready, set, partyyyyyyyy.

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