It’s Oprah’s Birthday, So Here Are Some Of Our Favourite Oprah Moments

'Cos it's Oprah's life anniversary, so today has to be a good day


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It's Oprah's 61st birthday today - the legendary talk-show host and philantropist. So obviously we felt the need to reflect on this big day by rounding up our favourite Oprah moments through the medium of YouTube.

**Best Oprah 'A-Ha Moments' **

The famous 'a-ha' that Oprah normally does when something RESONATES deep inside and she closes her eyes and soaks it all in. If the sound-bite or quote makes it on to Oprah's Twitter hashtag #lifeclasstweettweet then that's also quite a big deal.

**Oprah Randomly Dials Into The Ellen Show **

Only if you're Oprah can you dial in unannounced to the Ellen Show. Ellen is shocked by the surprise guest, and the crowd goes wild. She's just Skyping in from her Chicago office, just to say hello. Ellen put her on hold for 11 minutes though, so she wasn't too happy.

Oprah announces last season of The Oprah Winfrey Show

An emosh one, Oprah tells her viewers that after 24 years doing the Oprah Winfrey Show she's ending the show. She thanks her viewers for everything and for the “yellow brick road of blessings”. Once she starts crying, we're all crying. If you don’t cry too, you, my friend are a tin man.

Oprah Interviews JK Rowling

We're surprised that the building didn't just blow up because of these two CRAZILY POWERFUL women being in the same room together. They have so much in common, so much to chat about, so much LOVE AND RESPECT. It's a beautiful thing.

Oprah Takes Her Whole Audience To Australia

Oprah really drags out the announcement but she is clearly LOVING the suspense and the excitement in the studio. To celebrate 25th season of Oprah Winfrey Show she has a BIG surprised for her audience. Everyone goes absolutely MENTAL when they find out that Oprah is going to fly them all to Oz, and then a big aeroplane breaks through the stage and everyone parties to weird music. One viewer says “I’m really not up for the ugly cry today."

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