It’s Made In Chelsea, But In New York, Again. Meet The Girls From New Show Taking New York

We speak to Amy and Megan, two of the ridiculously good looking cast of E4's new reality TV show.


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Remember last year at the end of the Made In Chelsea Christmas Special right after Spencer got in trouble with his beautiful, beautiful girlfriend for trying to get it on with Lucy? Ah good times. Anyways, AFTER that, there aired a mini-special introducing us to E4's NEW show about posh British people with excellent fake tans called Taking New York.

While we're very aware that but a few months ago the Made in Chelsea crew all relocated to New York for a few weeks where they met strange people like Jules and Alik and weird things happened like Lucy getting off with Proudlock but this new show is not to be confused with that. Taking New York is about a whole DIFFERENT set of attractive twenty-somethings who've relocated to New York and spend their lives doing a lot of the same sort of stuff the Made in Chelsea crew do.

Two of the cast are Amy and Megan, identical twins who are currently winning New York; Megan is fluent in Mandarin whilst Amy is assistant director of a Manhattan gallery. We caught up with them to find out what this new show's all about.

Hi Amy and Megan! Can you tell me about the show?

Amy: So it's basically about a cast of 12 Brits in New York who are there for their career. It's following us around while we're working and out socialising as well.

And how did you guys get involved in it?

Amy: I was approached by the producers a while back now and then Megan suprised me out in New York!

Megan: The producers got in touch with me and I was always planning to go to New York anyway. It was so difficult keeping it from Amy.

Amy: Yeah we talk every day and suddenly Meggy wasn't being too chatty.

Megan: Because I was in New York and I didn't want Amy to call me because of the different dial tones!

So how realistic is it? Are the cast members actually your friends?

Amy: A few of the cast memebers we did know beforehand... I mean it's a structured reality show so every day would basically be me telling the producers what we've got going on that week the it would coincide with a few of the cast members we already did know so it would be natural for us to see them anyway.

So you guys could choose when the camera's came around? Or was it a mix?

Megan: No it was a mix.

Amy you've got a super fancy job; did your boss mind having cameras around?

Amy: It was pretty stressful at first because I wondered if he would even allow for cameras to be in the gallery but he loved the idea. He's actually in a few epsiodes!

So can you guys get away with anything thanks to your British accents?

Amy: OMG you say anything with conviction and you get away with it.

Megan: As soon as they hear the British accent they just kind of assumed you're quite intelligent.

I know you guys have some things going with guys in the series - was it weird in front of the camera?

Amy: The thing is that quickly you forget the cameras are there, I met someone and from the word go, from the first episode, it's clear that there's something between us and that's when the producers get the cameras there and all the emotions you see are real, there's no way you can hide it and you forget you're being filmed.

**Did you bump into the Made in Chelsea lot when they were over in the summer?

Megan:** Erm, I saw them at some party. I was introduced to them because we obviously recognised them. I didn't really get to know them though.

So are you guys prepared for what happens if this show takes off and all of a sudden you're famous?

Megan: I don't think I've got much to hide; we've got a good support system from our family and Channel 4....

Amy: I don't have a Twitter account but as Meggy said, I don't think there's anything I would really want to hide or anything. I think we're prepared as we can be!

Taking New York is on E4 at 9PM, Monday 9th February

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