Retro Boxsets: Why You Need To Revisit Veronica Mars

Because although nothing about the term ‘teenage private eye’ sounds cool, she totally was.


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You can be forgiven if you’re not already familiar with Veronica Mars. Although it had a brief stint on E4, it originally only aired on Living TV (squeezed somewhere between Most Haunted and America’s Next Top Model) and was cancelled after its third season. Why am I trying to convince you to watch a show about a teenage detective, which got cancelled? Because it’s awesome, that’s why.

The show (unsurprisingly) centres around Veronica Mars, played by Kristen Bell. Her dad is a private investigator, so as well as being a regular high school gal, she moonlights as a private eye and goes on stakeouts with him. If it all sounds bit Harriet The Spy, I promise – it’s not. In the first episode we learn that Veronica has been drugged and raped at a party and her best friend has been murdered. But Veronica is badass and she’ll be damned if she isn’t going to find out who dunnit.

Earlier this year, the show had a revival with a Kickstarter-funded film, starring loads of the old crowd. This week, a new web spin off launched on CW’s website, CW Seed. It’s called Play It Again, Dick and TBH it’s a bit too meta for my liking – it’s about a character from Veronica Mars making a Veronica Mars spin off. Instead of this tenuously linked series, you might as well just re-watch the original show, and here’s why:

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Veronica was seriously sassy

Aside from the fact that she is a legit private investigator who solves actual crimes, she’s also one of the best female leads to ever be on TV. Most likely to say things like, ‘It’s all fun and games until one of you gets my foot up your ass,’ or, ‘I hope we’re still friends after I taser you,’ and, ‘This face right here? My over-the-moon face.’ Seriously with the sass, Veronica.

** The guest appearances**

Amanda Seyfried may have made her name in Mean Girls as the girl whose boobs could predict the weather, but she also played Veronica’s murdered best friend, Lily. Despite being dead from episode one, we get plenty of flashbacks with class performances from Seyfried. And it’s not just her – before Leighton Meester was channelling Blair Waldorf in pearls and headbands, she played Carrie Bishop in Veronica Mars and was appropriately dubbed the ‘queen of gossip’ at Neptune High. Other cameos include Alyson Hannigan, Aaron Paul and Jane Lynch, but my fave is Max Greenfield, AKA Schmidt from New Girl, AKA an absolute babe.

The drama. So. Much. Drama

I vividly remember having to pick my jaw off the floor while watching one of the season finales. This show was so full of scandal and drama it makes Made In Chelsea look seriously tame. Whether it was a school bus going off a cliff, a bomb planted on a private jet or any kind of whodunnit revelation, the show always left you going WTF? in the best kind of way.

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** The best father-daughter relationship on TV**

Their relationship was anything but schmaltzy, which is what made it so great. Keith Mars was just as sarcastic and quick-witted as his daughter, and his life was often more of a mess than hers. Keith was a bit overprotective, which Veronica had no time for. He once asked how her date went, to which she replied, ‘Oh, you know, lousy conversation, but the sex was fantastic.’

** It kept you on your toes**

Logan Echolls was Veronica’s on-again, off-again boyfriend. You hate him at first, then sort of grow to love him, and repeat that cycle several times over. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, guys. Also, this is kind of a recurring theme with a few of the characters. Take my advice: trust no one, except maybe Veronica.

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