Quinoa Is Over: Here Are The New Superfoods You’re Totally Meant To Be Eating

Wave bye bye to kale, too


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Still struggling to figure out why you should fork out so much on quinoa? Forget about it, the health nuts of the world have already moved on. Plus, there was definitely all that stuff about how maybe all us fancypants 1st worlders shouldn't be jumping on the natural diet of Bolivians and driving the prices up, but whatever.

Anyways – as I mentioned, those people who live their food through what's fashionable have got a whole new bunch of products to source down at Whole Foods. So, see you later, quinoa, sayonara, kale, here's the new seeds, berries and veggies taking over the superfood market.

The new quinoa is teff

What is it? Hailing from Ethiopia, it’s a gluten-free grain.

**Why is it good for me? **It's full o’ protein, iron, calcium and B-vitamins.

How do I eat it? Well, you cook it a bit like rice – put it in a saucepan with three parts water, one part teff, boil it, then turn it down and continue to cook for 15 mins. Turn off the stove, cover the teff and leave it to absorb the rest of the water.


The new kale is kohlrabi

What is it? Popular in German-speaking countries, kohlrabi is a sort of cabbage with a big old bulb.

Why is it good for me? It’s full of vitamin C, like choc-a-block, and potassium.

What do I do with it? Pull off the leaves and focus on the bulb. We like it best roasted. Boil it for 10 minutes then roast for half an hour – sort of like potatoes. It sweetens in the oven and tastes not unlike turnip.


The new chia seeds are activated nuts

What are they? Hmm, bit dubious about this one. They’re nuts (obvs) that have been soaked in salt water for 24 hours and dried in the oven at a low temperature.

Why are they good for me? This ‘activation process’ apparently gets rid of something called ‘phytic acid’ that blocks the nuts' natural minerals from getting through.

What do I do with them? Well, you could make ’em yourself, but it’s probably just easier to buy them. You've got better things to do than salt and bake nuts over a 24-hour period. They're pricey, though – a little snack-sized bag will probably set you back about a fiver.


The new goji berries are buffaloberries

What are they? Tart red berries from North America traditionally eaten by Native Americans.

Why are the good for me? They're full of something called ‘lycopene’. Studies of people who eat a lot of it show they have a lower risk of cancer, which is always a plus.

What do I do with them? Eat them raw, or dried. Pretty much like any other fruit. They can also be used to make wine, sooo, bottoms up...?


The new green juice is beetroot juice

What is it? Erm juice, made out of beetroots.

Why’s it good for me? It lowers blood pressure, cleans your blood and contains magnesium, iron, folic acid and antioxidants. A reliable source in The Debrief office also claims it makes you poo pink. Which is nice.

**What do I do with it? **Straight beetroot juice is a bit hardcore, even for health nuts. Whack it in a juicer with carrot, apple and a little bit of ginger for a surprisingly delicious drink.


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