Online Workouts For When You Can’t Afford The Gym

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Online Workouts For When You Can't Afford The Gym

by Jess Commons |
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Bored of all your mates banging on about the gym while you miserably count your pennies and get fitness FOMO? No more kids, no more. Instead, turn your attentions to YouTube where you can find millions of workout videos that are just as good as any gym membership and are all totally free. Here's some of our faves.

If you want to be shamed into it

My flatmate swears by Vicky Justiz. I’m scared of her. Mainly because she thinks it’s acceptable to spell her name with a Z. Anyways, she’s a bikini model from Miami and basically the most beautiful person ever to walk the planet BUT she’s really good at doing exercises that aren’t massively taxing in her living room in between her couches. Which somehow makes the whole thing a lot less scary.

If you’re in it for a long term solution

It’s not fancy but Fitness Blender is idiot proof. It's a totally free website with hundreds of online workouts which you can choose from based on what part of your body you want to work out, how long you want to work out for and what equipment you’ve got at your disposal (don’t worry if it’s ‘none’). It'll tell you how many calories you've burned after each one and it’ll even give you workout programmes to do depending on what you’re after like ‘2 weeks fat loss program for busy people’. These cost, but like £2. Which you can probably afford considering you spent a three quid on Haribo yesterday.

If you want bite-sized bits to master in your own time

Then check out Adidas’ #WorkIt series hosted on their Adidas Women

. It ‘s got super short videos (including some from the Skinny Bitch Collective) that show you lots of different moves to master so you can do as many or as few as you want. Cool clobber inspo too.

If you need tough love

Jilian Michaels is the sort of trainer you’ll be glad is behind a screen becayse she yells at you and tells you that you’re NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH quite a lot. Although TBF, she’s probably right. If it’s tough love you need to get your arse off the bed and squatting like your life depends on it then check her out.

If you want have fun

If conventional workouts are too boring for you, check out these perky ladies who do dance workout classes to popular youth chart hits by people like Rhanna, Sia, Taylor Swift and Clean Bandit. The intructors are VERY HAPPY. But by the end of each video it kind of rubs off and makes you feel a whole lot better. Plus the routines are super easy.

If you fancy Schmidt from New Girl

Not helpful in any which way but it’s very funny. Watch after you’ve done the ones above.

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