Non-Crap Christmas Specials To Get Your Jingle Balls Jingling

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Can’t face the Downton Abbey Christmas special again this year? Here’s a few vintage Christmas specials to lose yourself to this festive season.

Father Ted: A Christmassy Ted

Perhaps the most perfect episode of one of the most perfect comedies ever written. A Christmassy Ted is the hour-long special when Ted and a group of priests find themselves lost in Ireland’s largest lingerie department. Getting them out intact is troublesome, but luckily Ted manages and is rewarded with the Golden Cleric award for bravery. The ceremony brings about an unexpected guest, though… Mrs. Doyle’s hour-long name-guessing game is excellent.

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The Office Christmas Special

Whatever you think of Rickey Gervais, there’s no denying The Office was excellent. The Christmas special two-parter finally brings together Dawn and Tim – the best will-they-won’t-they couple since Ross and Rachel. Plus, ergh, David Brent internet dating? Gross.

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Friends: The One With The Holiday Armadillo

Nothing but nothing sums up the unbelievable brilliance of David Schwimmer until he’s dressed in a huge armadillo costume trying to outdo Chandler dressed as Santa in order to try and teach his son about Hannukah. That sort of shit is why those guys could charge $1 million an episode.

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Fresh Prince Of Bel Air: ’Twas The Night Before Christening

Even MORE timely this year, thanks to the rebirth of Boyz II Men. Will PROMISES to get the R&B crooners to perform at Nicky’s christening on a whim and obviously manages it after a series of hilarious hijinks. And, OMG, the suits Boyz II Men wear to perform? ’90s-tastic. RIP Uncle Phil.

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Merry Christmas Mr. Bean

Join Mr. Bean as he gets himself into a series of scrapes over the Christmas period. From festive shopping (try it before you buy it) to taking advantage of carol singers to THAT turkey scene, it’s pretty much perfect in every way.

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