New Electro Pop Girl Indiana Talks Vintage Clothes And Taking Her Daughter To Festivals

And the classic movie that inspired her name...


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The Debrief: Where’d your name come from?

Indiana: Indiana Jones. My dad was a fan of the Indiana Jones movies and it was in memory of him. Raiders of the Lost Ark is totally the best one.

DB: How did you get started in music?

I: I’ve always been quite a little performer. I would put on shows for my family at Christmas but my sister was always the musical one. She played piano and sang but she had a Yamaha piano and couldn’t fit it into her new place and I had a bigger house so I looked after it for her. It just sat there and I kept having a little go on it and I realised that it was coming to me quite easily. I started writing my own songs and put some on the internet. I did a cover of something a producer wrote called Gabriel which Joe Goddard remixed and had quite a big hit with it. It was just video of me recorded on my phone.

DB: Not only are you doing music, you’ve also got your own clothing label – how do you manage that?

I: My boyfriend James is taking control of it. We’re sold all across the world and we’re having new designs all the time. It’s called Some Kind Of Nature. We’ve designed a lot more than just t-shirts but so far to print it’s just been t shirts and we’re hoping to have more. I’ve done some sketches for it, I’d like to do an Indiana range one day. But I’ll concentrate on my singing for now.

DB: Is it hard to see each other?

I: Not really because we’ve converted the top floor into an office/studio and it’s a really good environment. We’ve got a little area for our baby girl we’re a good little family team.

DB: Wow, you guys seem like a pretty motivated family. How old’s your daughter?

I: 6 months. I did the whole festival thing really, really pregnant last year. It probably kept me away from the bars and concentrating on my performance so I don’t really know what’s going to happen this year if I’m allowed to drink.!

DB: Are you going to bring her along like Beyonce and Blue Ivy?

I: Yeah! Deffos. When I do the European tour I’d really have to take her with me because I’d pine for her. I think it’s the best of both worlds.

DB: What were you doing for a job before the whole music thing?

I: Printing t-shirts, like really crappy Ibiza 2011 kind of thing. There was some really horrible ones. I can’t even remember what I had to put on the back but I had to search for stencils for like willies and boobs. There were all sorts coming in. It wasn’t really ideal.

DB: You seem like you like to change your hair a lot...

I: Yeah I think to the point where I need to stop or I won’t have any hair any more. I get bored. And I like experimenting. I’ve tried to have grey hair and purple hair and I’m just going to leave it now and let it grow. It’s currently blonde with two and a half inches of dark roots.

DB: How about fashion? Has your style changed since the whole music thing started up?

I: I love the high street and vintage. I’m not really into big designers. I like to look for inspiration but I wouldn’t go and buy the real thing I’d see who was doing a good copy of it. There’s amazing vintage shops in Nottingham. There’s a real variety of stuff. There was so many Christmas jumpers at Christmas!

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