Why You Need To Stop Everything And Rewatch Gossip Girl

Already nine years old (gross), here’s why you need to start at the beginning again with Serena and Dan


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It was The OC recast on the Upper East Side. It was Friends meets Sex And The City for Generation OMFG. Simply put, it was six series of nail-biting, jaw-dropping drama that made EastEnders look tame. And, oh, did it bring the drama. From backstabbing and boyfriend stealing, to murder, attempted suicides and rape, nothing was out of bounds for the over privileged Manhattanite teens the show focused on. For a five glorious years in the noughties, GG were the only initials worth talking about.

But, alas, it eventually came to an end, as all good things do, and in the years since its reputation has been somewhat maligned, going from must-watch-or-face-irrelevancy to admit-it-at-your-endless-shame telly. Maybe it’s because it was responsible for launching Taylor Momsen or those few years of wearing headbands that we’d rather forget. Whatever the reason, it’s time to get over it, because Gossip Girl was arguably one of the greatest teen dramas ever made (yup, I’m putting that out there) and if my word alone isn’t enough to convince you, then here are a few other reasons why you need to download the entire box set immediately. Like, now.

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The Eye Candy

It was the sexiest thing on television, played out by an eye-scratchingly beautiful cast. But everyone knows the real visual treat came in the form of the fashion. Every designer worth knowing about was name checked at some point and if nothing else, those school uniforms will provide some serious inspiration on how to wear this season’s tartan.

The Celebrity Appearances

Gossip Girl laid claim to more celebrity appearances than the VMAs. Our faves? Alexa Chung, Vera Wang, David O Russell, Lady Gaga…

It will put all your problems in perspective

Unless your dad a) has a massive cocaine habit; b) is secretly gay; or c) is dating you love interest’s mum, that little spat you had with your flatmate over the washing up really isn’t going to seem important.

It’s more intelligent than it’s given credit for

Sleepovers gave way to literary salons. The catfights disguised class struggles. Keith Gessen made an appearance. To say nothing of the fact that the very premise of the show riffs on our celebrity-obsessed culture and the privacy issues of lives played out on iPhone screens. Which is your excuse when you’re knee deep in season two.

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Off-screen drama outdid the on-screen (almost)

A classic case of art mirroring life, it turns out they really were a group of super-attractive friends (apart from alleged frenemies, Leighton Meester and Blake Lively, that is). Not only were the on-screen hook ups playing out IRL, but Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick lived together and (true to GG form) Chace even infamously dumped Carrie Underwood via text. All of which dutifully unfolded across New York’s celebrity blogs.

It’s still impacting on us now

That secret sharing gossip app that was released earlier this year? Just one example of how GG’s legacy lives on today.


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