What Is MyIdol, The New Chinese Dancing App?

How to use MyIdol, the new app everyone is talking about

What Is MyIdol, The New Chinese Dancing App?

by Sophie Wilkinson |

Ever wanted to try an app where you can get a mini version of yourself to dance everywhere? Well, here’s your chance.

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Here’s how to use MyIdol:

  1. Download ‘MyIdol’ – it’s free!

  2. Tap around the screen during the video intro and you can skip it

  3. Remember that green = yes and red = no and that when given the options to tap left or right, the left is most likely to mean ‘proceed’

  4. Take your picture [or upload it] and then you can adjust how the app’s read your facial pictures. But if your photo is head on it should work so well you won’t need to adjust anything.

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  1. Click around on the clothes/hair/glasses/facepaint tabs and your avatar should begin to look like you.

  2. Change the gender of your avatar by going to the clothes section and tapping the top grey tab. Left is male, right is female.

  3. Tap the video logo to find a video for you. On the bottom right hand side you can save the image to your camera roll.

FYI it really is all in Chinese, so maybe you can get some language skills while you’re having fun turning yourself into an all-dancing pop star… and no, we still don't know how to change the music on it :(

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