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Watched everything on Netflix? Not up for the £79 Amazon Prime Instant Video membership? Check out MUBI – the online streaming service that specializes in all those films you really should watch but never get round to. From the cult hits to classic flicks, world cinema to independent specials. Every day a new film is introduced to the dashboard and you’ve got 30 days to watch it before it disappears. Even better? MUBI is only £2.99 a month

Here are five films currently showing in MUBI that you HAVE to watch in your seven-day free trial.

Man On The Train

You might remember a less-than-spectacular remake of this 2002 French film starring Donald Sutherlandin 2011. The original however, won best picture at the Venice Film Festival. It’s the tale of a hardened criminal who arrives in town and accepts an offer of a bed at a retired teacher’s house. As the week wears on the lead up to two life changing occurences draws nearer the two begin to envy each others’ lives. Stars the French version of Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Hallyday.


A Hole In My Heart

Anyone that’s watched We Are The Best! – the touching Swedish film about three 12 year-olds who start a punk band should deffos start checking out some of the director Lukas Moodysson’s other work. A Hole In My Heart is er, about as far removed from We Are The Best! as you can get and is really rather graphic but well worth a watch on MUBI! It’s about a man making a porn film with his mate. Beware for actual scenes from a labia-plasty operation.


Under The Skin

Not the recent Scarlett Johansson flick about men-stealing aliens, instead, this 1997 film starring Samantha Morton explores what happens to two sisters in the aftermath of their mother’s death. Younger sister Iris doesn’t take it all that well and begins to spiral as she struggles to deal with her demons.


Short Circuit

For more of a family film with a bit of a lighter feel try out John Badham’s sci-fi comedy about the most advanced robot in the world who goes all iRobot on his makers and escapes to go and live with Ally Sheedy (The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire). It’s stupid but heart warming. Good for a hangover day.


The Tracey Fragments

This pre-Juno outing for Ellen Page starts with her as a 15-year-old sitting naked on the back of the bus, wrapped in a shower curtain. She’s looking for her brother Sonny, who thinks he’s a dog. Obvs. As the film goes on the story behind her predicament slowly unravels.


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