Meet New Jersey’s First Ladies – It’s time for RHONJ Series 5!

Meet the pride of New Jersey


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Tantrums, tans, tears and time outs are just some of the moments you’re likely to witness before the credits have rolled if you’re a Real Housewives Of New Jersey viewer. We’re welcoming some of the most outspoken and glamorous women around to Lifetime TV. If you need a run down, here’s who’s who, and what they’re likely to do…

Melissa Gorga

**Who’s that girl? **Melissa isn’t just the sister-in-law to RHONJ royalty, Teresa - she’s an aspiring pop icon, and you can download her singles on iTunes. You could call Melissa a diva, and she probably wouldn’t be offended, but she can be a little brittle. She loves to dress up, so tell her you love her outfit and you’re in.

Marital deets Melissa is married to Joe, who loves renovating apartments and selling them at a profit, and having his picture taken when he hasn’t got a shirt on. Joe and Melissa are parents to Antonia, Gino and Joey. Melissa has authored a book, Love, Italian Style, which suggests she and Joe are rather, cough, um, active. Ahem.

Catchphrase 'I live a life most girls only dream of.'

Least likely to say 'Attention? Urggghh, I hate attention.'

Caroline Manzo

Who’s that girl? Not all redheads are fiery, but when they are, they don’t come much more passionate than Caroline. She’s famous for fighting with her sister Dina, who’s married to her husband’s brother, meaning that she’s one of the few women in the world who has a sibling who’s also an in law. Double trouble!

Marital deets Caroline has been married to Albert for over 27 years. The pair overcame humble beginnings to build a business empire, running a real estate firm and a kids’ accessories line, as well as keeping an eye on their young adult sons Albie and Chris.

Catchphrase 'If anyone tries to have some kind of altercation with me, bring it on. Bring. It. On.'

Least likely to say 'I’m feeling pretty Zen right now.'

Kathy Wakile

Who’s that girl? Kathy Wakile has a thing for heavy duty jewellery, but she’s really all sweetness and light - which is a good thing as she’s often asked to fix fights between her cousin Teresa and Melissa Gorga. Kathy is quick with a quip and has a nifty sideline in gluten free desserts.

Marital deets Kathy is married to Richie, a Lebanese American family man who has been known to get a little feisty in his exchanges with the other Real Husbands. He and Kathy are parents to Victoria and Joseph.

Catchphrase 'S***! How late am I?!'

Least likely to say 'I’d best keep my mouth shut.'

Teresa Giuduce

Who’s that girl? Teresa Giuduce, the Italian glamour gal who’s been it since the beginning. Theresa is the brain behind the legendary Fabellini drink as well as a series of books and recipes promoting healthy Italian eating. Fabulicious, you might say.

Marital deets Teresa is married to the larger than life Joe, who is partial to parties, pink shirts and the odd shopping trip, and manages to mix business with Dad duties, helping Theresa look after kids Gia, Gabriella and little Audriana.

Catchphrase 'Fabulous!' Teresa puts the fab in anything, from food to friendship, and nothing is safe from her favourite f word. She could have her own dictionary, or Fabictionary.

Least likely to say 'I can’t be bothered with dinner tonight, I’ll just have some toast.'

Jacqueline Laurita

Who’s that girl? Jacqueline Laurita lives and breathes drama - she’s a tornado in human form. She doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing her opinion, and she’s fiercely loyal when it comes to her family.

Marital deets She’s married to Chris, brother of co stars the Manzo sisters, and she has three children - CJ, Nicholas and teenage troublemaker Ashley.

Catchphrase 'Oh my God, what’s happening, I can’t deal, I can’t!'

Least likely to say 'Let’s all calm down and have a cup of tea.'

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