How To Make A Shiny Fancy Display Case To Show Off Your Booze Collection

Because your alcohol collection deserves more than being stuffed at the back of the fridge


by Claire Watts |
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If you're anything like us, your alcohol collection is untidily shoved left, right and centre all around your kitchen, except of course for the nice stuff, which is safely stashed in your bedroom to prevent housemates' wandering fingers from getting involved.

In the spirit of this whole growing up and being a together lady thing though, we decided it was high time we got ourselves a proper place to store our alcohol. Obviously, what we really want is one of those drinks cabinets that is a massive globe that opens up to reveal bottles of whisky and crystal glasses. Just like the evil overlords in films. Sadly though, we just don't have that kind of money.

So, we got blogger Claire Culley of Super + Super to teach us how to make ourselves a snazzy drinks display holder to give our kitchen the makeover it so desparately needs. She even painted it copper. Very of the moment don't you know.

Read on to see how you can do it too so you've got a place to stash your Whisky to make your Old Fashioneds and your gin to make your Pink Ladies.

You will need:

Wood Saw



Flat head Screwdriver

Electric Drill (or Philips screw driver)

6 screws

Copper Spraypaint


Step 1:

Pick up a pallet from a nearby wood yard or garden centre, they are usually given away for free! You are looking for a pallet that is in relatively good condition and not too damp.


Step 2:

Start by laying your pallet on a work bench (or garden table). Take the saw and begin sawing flat against the third beam.


Step 3:

Continue your way along until you have cut the whole piece off the rest of the pallet. Pop the remaining piece to one side.


Step 4:

Now we need to make the bottom of the pallet which will hold your bottles in place. To do this we are going to remove a beam from the remaining piece of pallet. Using the hammer prize off the beam as shown. If it’s jammed in too tight use your flat head screwdriver to prize open a gap to get your hammer into. Once removed, turn the beam over and hammer out the old screws.


Step 6:

Turn over your cut out pallet and place the beam across the bottom. Starting from the middle, use the original holes from the old screws to screw in new screws to hold the base in place.


Step 7:

Use your sandpaper to sand down the pallet making sure the edges are smooth and splinter-free! Once you’ve given it a good sanding, brush off any excess dirt or debris ready for spraying.


Step 9:

Move the pallet into a wide open space and start spraying! Make sure you give it an even coverage.


Step 10:

Leave to dry for half an hour and spray a second coat to ensure the metallic from the paint works it’s magic.


Step 11:

Once dry you can screw it onto your wall, make sure you use raw plugs to screw into the wall so it’s safe and sturdy. You can also cut the finished piece in half to fit into smaller spaces like we’ve done here.


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