5 Non-Lame Ways To Arrange All Your Pictures From Home

Are you more ‘pin around the mirror’ or an ‘elaborate heart-shaped shrine’ sort of person?

5 Non-Lame Ways To Arrange All Your Pictures From Home

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

You know when you try really hard to stay within the lines, stick to a pattern or just generally attempt to make something look nice, but just can’t? The same sort of thing often happens when people try to make one of those nifty photo collage displays on their walls. Nine times out of ten it comes out looking all wonky. But not in a cool intentionally uneven way, in a messy ‘I have no idea what I’m doing and don’t really give a toss about the people in these pictures’ kind of way.

And while meticulously arranging all of the photographs you insisted on taking with you to university without a plan for what you would actually do with them beyond the realms of your childhood bedroom isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, taking the time to make a new room feel a little bit more like home is never a bad thing.

Also, it’s a way to cover up whatever dodgy stains you find lingering on the walls. Here’s how to do it without it looking shit.

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1. Reverse door frame


Remember what we said about staying inside the lines? Well, use the door as an inside-out frame to guide where to pop your photos and give your mates a little wave every time you leave the room.

2. The two in one

If you want to make one of those fancy schmancy string displays but don’t have any string, clip your favourite photos to your fairy lights and voila, you have mood lighting AND artfully assembled photographs.

3. Upgrade your heart

Give that elaborate heart-shaped shrine you had going on back home and give it the illusion of some sort of grown-up intention. How? Pop it in the corner. I know. Edgy AF.

4. Mix and match

Okay, I know this goes against everything I said about willy-nilly throwing pictures on the wall. But if you use something like a dream catcher or and meaningful words to set your boundaries, everything can look quite nicely contained, see?

5. Introduce some foliage

Plants are in, you guys. And if you can’t be assed with maintaining a house plant then grab yourself some decorative shrubbery from the great outdoors and use it to make your pics look pretty.

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