How To Make Some Easy Cash By Selling Your Old Shit At A Jumble Or Car Boot Sale This Summer

How to jumble like a pro

How To Make Some Easy Cash By Selling Your Old Shit At A Jumble  Or Car Boot Sale This Summer

by Lena deCasparis |

So it’s just been announced that some of our favourite female celebs will be joining forces again this May to host another amazing

sale in aid of Oxfam’s aid work with abused women in the Democratic Republic. This year stalls will be stocked with goods from celebrity donatees including; Alexa Chung, Daisy Lowe, Gemma Cairney, and Dawn O’Porter. Plus team Debrief will be there with a stall selling too (come see us please!).

Anyhow it got us thinking that selling some of our old shit could a) clear some room in our homes for some fun new summer stuff and b) make us some hard cold cash – so we've pulled togethe some tips on how to make the most of your jumble or carboot sale:

**Get In Early And Out Early **

The early bird catches the worm so my nan used to say. But most of your best footfall at a Carboot will come between 8-10am so you need to be there and all set up by then ready for action. Yep, this does mean getting out of bed at 6am at a weekend. But hey, coffee is your friend AND you can always go back to bed after making some hard earned cash.

Dress the Part

You know how we all buy tonnes on Asos cause we want to look like the models in the clothes. Well, here’s the thing, the same rule applies to when you’re behind a stall IRL: If you look fashion people will want to buy from you so they can look like you. So despite the ungodly early start make a bit of an effort with what you wear. Oh and don’t forget a bum bag – they’re not just super on trend but totally practical too. We love this one from Topshop. Sassy.

Find A Mate

Running your stall with a friend will not only be a lot more fun – cue Delboy & Rodney routines - but you’ll have someone to watch your stall if you need to leave the stall to go buy that coffee/Haribo/take a piss.

You Don’t Need A Car

Yes, they’re called Carboots but NO you don’t need a car. Instead use wheelie suitcases and a fold up wallpapering table. You can buy ones super cheap from Argos here.

**Pimp Your Stall **

Much like if you look fashion people will buy from you – if your stall looks fancy punters will flock. Add bunting / balloons / pre made banners with your cool stall name.

Prepare For Chaos

People are crazed and ruthless at the best of times but when it comes to carboots or jumble sales this quadruples. They want everything you’re selling and will go to any lengths to buy all your shit for as cheap as possible. Last time I did a car boot I found one buyer rummaging through my car glove box and offering me 50p for my battered A-Z. Be prepared. You’ll also need to learn to deal with hagglers.

**Pre Price Your Goods **

Going by the above you definitely will not have time to price up goods when you get there (plus you’ll be bleary eyed from the early start) so spend the night before deciding what price point you’re willing to sell your precious goods for. Buy some nice cool tags like these to make your shizzle look ace. Be aware to not price too high - there’s a reason Poundland is such a success - people love a bargain.

**Give Away Sweets **

Yes, it’s bribery but boy do cheap tactics work in a jumble environment. Buy a big tub of sweets to give away one with each purchase. Plus you can eat lots of them too. Win, win.

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