Sex Scenes With Freddie Fox And Not Showing His Nan, Actor Luke Newberry On Tonight’s Episode Of Banana

Plus, hanging out with home friends when you no longer live at home? Tricky.


by Jess Commons |

If you’ve been following Channel 4’s groundbreaking cross-channel series’ on sex Cucumber, Banana, Tofu, then you’re most likely hooked.

Tonight’s episode of Banana (the E4 bit of the series) follows Josh, an 18-year-old law student who, fresh from a night of passion with Freddie Fox’s character (also called Freddie) heads home back to the small country town he comes from to act as Man of Honour at his best friend Sophie’s ill-advised wedding.

The only problem is, now Josh, who lives in Manchester, has sort of fallen out of step with his friends that stayed at home…

‘Yeah, he’s struggling with his mates from home who aren’t quite on the same level as the experience he’s having at university and he’s trying to be all cool and he’s not really fitting in,’ says Luke Newberry, the actor playing Josh.

‘When you leave home you meet hundreds of people from all over the country and your world expands, so coming home to your friends seems a bit bizarre and I think everyone can relate to that.’

Not everyone can relate to shooting sex scenes with Freddie Fox though… ‘I mean, it’s a bit weird,’ says Josh. ‘Being surrounded by a crew of people in a pair of flesh coloured pants is not ideal. Luckily I’ve known Freddie for a long time so it was funny to do it with someone that I’m comfortable being with.’

Really? ‘Yeah. I mean, I did a threesome on screen before, which was very uncomfortable.’

Not content with putting Luke through the cringe-factor of filming a duo sex scene though, the writers also included some solo loving, too. ‘That was actually more mortifying! There’s something about being on your own and doing it with a camera right in your face that’s way more embarrassing.’

So are Luke’s parent’s going to be watching? ‘I’ve banned my parents from watching. They will anyways,’ he sighs. ‘At Christmas though, the trailer came on and my gran was watching the TV and we all had to start talking. She didn’t recognise me, but we are absolutely not telling her!’

On a serious note though, does Luke feel proud for working on such an exciting project? ‘I think it’s so cool. It’s really good writing. Banana is a little snapshot of different peoples’ lives and they’re all original stories that you wouldn’t normally see on TV, which is important for people to see.

‘These are characters whose sexuality just ‘is’, like it’s not even mentioned or the main focus of the show. It’s quite rare really!'

Banana is on E4 tonight at 10pm.

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