Eight Life Lessons We’ve Learned From This Series Of Girls PLUS Win £250 Nasty Gal Voucher And £30 iTunes Voucher

As series four comes to an end, here's what we've learned

Girls Lena Dunham Series 3

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DON’T wee in the street and/or fight with police officers

Jessa learned this one the hard way didn’t she? It was broad fucking daylight; and being an alcoholic coming from an AA meeting she absolutely wasn’t drunk – not that that’s an excuse for weeing in the street although let’s face it we’ve all been caught short after a bucket of red wine on a Saturday night. Anyways. If you want to avoid jail, don’t do it. The end.

DO learn to let go if that dream opportunity isn’t working out

In perhaps the first sensible thing she’s ever done, old Hannah Horvath made the very brave decision to head back home from her dream MA in Ohio with her tail between her legs are realising that A) her classmates were a bunch of pretentious dickheads and B) she didn’t fit in at all. It takes guts to do this; just because your dream job isn’t working out, doesn’t mean you have to smile through the pain.

DON’T drag your new date to stalk your old date

Seen not once but twice this series. First when Hannah takes the delightful Fran to stalk Adam at Mimi Rose’s art show and secondly when Ace takes Jessa to Mimi Rose’s house. I mean, aside from the common denominator in both of these situations being none other than Mimi Rose so that should teach you not to have a relationship with her, neither of them work out all that swimmingly for any party involved.

DO understand the power of being silent about your creative outlets

Everyone’s sick of having to hear Marnie sing, hell even her friends are sick of having to hear Marnie sing. Which is weird, because she has a nice voice. Speaks volumes about what happens when you show off too much.

DON’T be too hipster

See Ace with his toothbrush chewing, Mimi Rose with her frank and open approach to airing her feelings. Too hipster is too much hipster. Tone it down chaps.

DO keep dirty talk to appropriate places

Like er, the bedroom, anything past a second date and or the digital space in between your phone and someone elses’. Not like, as Shoshanna decides to do, on a first date in a restaurant in front of the cast of The Good Wife. Time and place, time and place.

DON’T go to something called a jazz brunch

It’s not a thing, never has been and never will be.

DO apply for every and any job

Job hunting is HARD. Especially in 2015. Make like Shoshanna and have a million interviews but maybe don’t be like Shoshanna in the way she tells an employer that this was a practice interview. Karma’s a bitch.

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