How I Learned To Do The Splits In A Month

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Yes that’s right, it’s actually possible. 'But why on earth would you want to subject yourself to such a torturous activity?' I hear you ask. Well, here’s why just in case you’re interested, and wanted to know how I did it.

To set the scene, we were at the pub. Conversation then turned to Madonna, and her notable flexibility. I mean, that woman is bendy. And she’s pushing 60. Having recently taken up hot yoga I thought I was above average flexibility. I could get my hands flat on the floor, and then sadly realising that I was in a class of contortionists with endoskeletons, made of what can only be plasticine. I decided if you can’t beat them, join them. I wanted to get that flexible too.

Cue much Googling of how, the splits time frame, potential pain factor, a quick call to my personal trainer friend about whether it was safe practice and any recommended stretches (more on these later). Long story short, my research culminated in a £10 bet and 30 days in which to prove my worth (or stretch?).

Here's why you should learn to...


Doh. Hunching over a computer all day has not done wonders for my posture. Too much sitting means my glutes (butt muscles) go numb, I get creaky knees and thanks to the smorgasbord of unnecessary objects I carry in my handbag, the bad back of an old lady. Opening out my hips would help with circulation, enable me to tie my shoelaces well into old age, and aid my balance and coordination.

You can show off in your next yoga class

'Take that, you almond-milk-swilling beanpoles. I may have a muffin top but look how high I can get my leg behind my head' etc etc. Feeling good about yoga class and achieving something difficult will do wonders for self esteem and body image.


Wheyhey. Releasing my inner porn star without getting serious cramp? Boyfriend, Tinder fit bit, girlfriend, whatever. This move can’t fail to impress. Let’s face it; everyone wants to be good at the sex stuff.

Okay, convinced? Good. With the help of my aforementioned PT friend for guidance, here’s how I did it.

How I Learned To Do The Splits In A Month


How I Learned To Do The Splits In A Month

Get warm and stretch1 of 5

Lunge stretch

Lunge stretch: These bad boys are used in every aerobics class for a reason and not just because your instructor is a sadist. Get in the lunge position, front knee bent, back shin on the ground. Slowly lean your hips forward whilst keeping your back straight. You should feel your hip muscles tightening and it pulling down the front of your back leg. HOLD IT. (30 secs, you can do it!) Then switch and repeat three times on each side.

Leg stretch2 of 5

Leg stretch

Lay on your back, lift one leg up as straight as you can towards the ceiling, keeping the other straight on the floor. Grab hold of your ankle and pull with your arms, bringing your leg towards your face and hold it for about 30 seconds. Pub quiz fact: this is called proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. Which basically means advanced flexibility, so high five for getting this far already. Then relax for 10 seconds and repeat on the same side. Your leg should go further instantly (aka closer to your mug). Do three times and switch to the other leg. Don't hate me, I didn't say this was fun.

Pigeon pose3 of 5

Pigeon pose

If you're a fan of yoga, pigeon pose is effectively a half split, and will help you get closer to the ground. Try leaning forward to get a deeper stretch.

Make like a banana and SPLIT4 of 5

Make like a banana and SPLIT

Once your lower body feels bendy, slide your front foot forward, lean back, and slowly lower yourself to the ground, using your hands for balance as you get lower. Do it gradually to avoid any kind of nasty injury. If it hurts, stop it. Another good trick is to pop a cushion, yoga block, rolled up towel or whatever you have handy under your crotch to support you whilst you're learning. That way you can concentrate on holding your upper body in the correct position and get gravity to help you out with the lower half.

Repeat5 of 5


Do this everyday for 30 days (or more if you get the stretching bug) and, once you've limbered up (this may take a few weeks) and your legs are resting on the floor at a 180 degree angle to your body and your back and pelvis straight? High – Blooming – Five. You just nailed the splits.


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