That Japanese Wrapping ‘Hack’ Is Bloody Impossible And You Shouldn’t Bother Unless You’re A Wizard

According to the internet, this Japanese gift wrapping method is the super easy, totally foolproof way to wrap your presents this Christmas! Well, we tried it out and learned for the 97th time this year that the internet is nothing but LIES.

That Japanese Wrapping 'Hack' Is Bloody Impossible And You Shouldn't Bother Unless You're A Wizard

by Jess Commons |

For the last few days, the internet's been really excited about a Japanese gift wrapping technique.

Basically, you turn the paper diagonally, employ origami folding techniques and end up with the neatest bloody present you've ever seen in your life.

Even better, it looks really easy.

So, with Christmas around the corner, could this finally be the answer to our gift wrapping woes?

We decided to find out.

First up, here's the original video...

Such poise, such elegance.

Here's our attempt.

As you can see, mere mortals shouldn't even bother attempting to replicate this wizardry. Gift wrapping like this is best left to the professionals. In fact, gift wrapping in general is best left to the professionals. This year, get your mum to do it all. Thanks mum!

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