Your Complete Guide To Sleep, And Why You’re Not Getting Any

Ever wondered why it's harder to sleep on a Sunday night?

Your Complete Guide To Sleep, And Why You're Not Getting Any

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

When was the last time you had a good night's sleep? I'm talking about that real, deep, eight hours of REM cycle and wake up refreshed kind of sleep. It's been a little while? Us too, mate. Us too.

Sleep is a bit of an enigma. For something that we're meant to do so inherently it seems to have grown increasingly difficult to do and we've been on a mission to work out why. Is it the moons fault, are our hormones to blame or is it our unwavering addiction to pesky technology?

Truth be told, it's likely a combination of all of the above, and more. So, if you're up and unable to nod off, or are too often sat at your desk at work with your eye glazed over and unable to concentrate, have a read through some of the brilliant articles below and hopefully, you might find yourself a little bit closer to catching those z's you've so desperately been missing.

Why Are We All So Obsessed With Sleep?

Why are we so obsessed with sleep

Feeling tired all the time has become a sort of 'badge of honour'.

Ask An Adult: How To Deal With Insomnia In Your 20s

how to deal with insomnia

Tired of your intense hatred for that 5am sunrise and counting the seconds to your alarm clock? It may not be that late night coffee, that hunk of cheese by your bedside or the Buffy marathon on Netflix that’s tiring you out. Insomnia is real, and it sucks.

Can We Please Stop Sleep Shaming Everyone?

can we stop sleep shaming everyone

We're done with being told that sleeping in, going to bed late and not getting enough sleep is so damn bad.

How Does My Diet Affect My Sleep? And How Can I Fix It?

food and sleep

We’ll forever be on a quest for better sleep, but could food be playing a part in why we’re not getting any?

Unpicking The Millennial Issue With Sleep

millennial sleep

Goes to bed. Checks phone. Four hours later, still on phone. Wakes up in a bad mood. Sound familiar?

Here's How Your Choice Of Career Is Affecting Your Sleep

how your career is affecting you sleep

New data from the socio-economic panel of the German Institute for Economic Research has found that what we do for work affects how much, or rather how little, sleep we get.

Why Do We Sleep Badly On A Sunday Night?

wy do we sleep so badly on a sunday night

Chances are that 'Sunday night insomnia' is something we've all experienced at one point. Here's why it's a legitimate thing.

Here's The Reason Why Women Suffer From Insomnia More Than Men

why women have insomnia more than men

Spoiler: it's your period's fault. Of course it is.

The Practical Ways In Which Yoga Can Help You Sleep

yoga for sleep

Don't knock the pre-bed stretch sesh. Here are the poses that'll help you nod off.

Sleep Texting As A Thing And It's As Scary As It Sounds

sleep texting

Nightmare scenario: sleep texting a nude to your boss. For reals, though...

This How The Moon Affects Your Sleep

how the moon affects sleep

Forget mercury in retrograde, the moon might be the one messing with you.

Ask An Adult: What Is Sleep Paralysis And Why Do I Get It?

sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis can be terrifying, and it's estimated that 20-40 per cent of us will encounter it in our lifetime. But what is sleep paralysis and how do you prevent it?

Suddenly Feeling Really Sleeping? The Time Of Year Might Be The Reason

feeling sleepy in winter mental health

It’s cold, it’s dark, and I can barely keep my eyes open. Anyone else? Here's how the weather could be affecting your wellbeing and your ability to sleep well, if at all.

Is My Insomnia Caused By Anxiety, Or Is It The Other Way Around?

insomnia and anxiety

Not being able to sleep is one of the most frustrating things a person can go through. We try to work out whether anxiety is a product or cause.

Science Says 'Beauty' Sleep Is Real And Ugh, It's Exhausting

beauty sleep science

New studies show that the amount of sleep you get effects how attractive you are and we're not here for it. Here's why you shouldn't buy into it.

How To Use Tech To Get A Better Night's Sleep

technology and sleep

Used wisely, tech might actually be able to *help *you get to bed on time and become a morning person.

Your Personality Might Be Affecting Your Sleep More Than You Realise

intovert and extrovert sleep

No rest for the introverts, apparently.

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