Here’s How Much Each Gym Visit Is Probably Costing You

You know how you're always like, 'I should go to the gym?' You should go to the gym mate. You're paying a bonkers amount.

Here's How Much Each Gym Visit Is Probably Costing You

by Jess Commons |

Do you have a gym membership? How does how much you're paying for it measure up to how many times a month you're actually going?

Gyms can be expensive, but gyms are necessary. Getting fit is the best; good for your body and soul, mental state and state of being and, if the current fitness obsession continues in the same vein then soon, gyms and healthy eating mean we're going to be a nation of super lean, hardcore machine people who think nothing of sprinting the ten miles to work and eating tofurkey like it actually tastes good.

Last year though, we weren't quite as on board with fitness as we would have liked. See the 2016 Fitness Knowledge Report from Be A Better You, a personal trainer course finder, reckons that Britons who signed up to gyms last year went so infrequently that they ended up paying £40 a session. Oops.

This info was based on the thinking that the average gym goer (this based on a survey of 1000 gym members) spent £550 a year on membership yet only went 13.5 times in a year meaning that yep, it worked out at £40 a pop. You can fly back and forth to Mallorca five times over for that kind of cash.

The bad news doesn't stop there though. As a nation we spent (wait for it) £249,600,000 on unused gym clothing and equipment last year. That's £52 each. Running shoes cost, on average £37, although the average Brit ran just 11 miles last year. That's £3.36 a mile. Again, oops.

So, the solution? Either find yourself a pay-as-you go gym or, next time you're wavering over whether or not to head to the gym, stop wavering and just do it.

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