Girls Episode Nine: Hannah’s Got A Gay Dad, Adam’s Relationship Goes Bad And Ray Mourns What He Never Really Had

Plus, has Ace overtaken Desi as douche of the series? Almost definitely. Illustrations by Nina Cosford

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First up, a moral tale; if you screw over your best friend who helped you get through rehab just so you can shag a toothbrush chewing hipster, you'll get your way in the end. This as demonstrated by the rather raucous sex Jessa and Ace seem to be having in the opener of this week’s episode with nary a thought to the ravaged remains of Hannah and Adam's relationship that was sacrificed so Ace and Jessa could happen. Score one for friendship.


Across town, with an entirely different set of problems, Hannah and her newly out dad are having lunch and dissecting all the emotions they're feeling now he's living his life as a gay man, because if there’s one thing the Horvaths love, it’s analysing their emotions. If the same thing happened in my family, people would probably just keep watching Masterchef, albeit with a slightly more steely determination. Much healthier. Tad says he and Loreen might not be getting a divorce and the whole thing descends into an argument culminating in the fact that Hannah isn’t a grown-up because she didn’t bring her wallet to lunch with her in a cunning move to get her dad to pay. I too, may be guilty of this. A lot.

Back at school, Hannah has a go at her teenage friend (and student) Cleo for not texting her back when she was clearly (according to Instagram) having a great time in the park with a flowerly headband. Cleo thinks Hannah is homophobic, Hannah thinks Cleo is a bitch; a sentiment which doesn’t go down well when the principal walks past. Hannah is hauled into his office and given a lecture about ‘boundaries’ which is something she proves that she's largely confused about when she tries to unload about her gay dad on him.

After being told to take the rest of the day off, Hannah goes day drinking with Elijah who claims he always knew Hannah’s dad was gay. He also claims that Hannah's dad has definitely got with men before. Although he uses the phrase ‘ass-pounded’ which isn’t exactly the most sensitive phrasing ever. Later, Hannah’s mum calls her to tell her that her entire life’s been a lie and also shouts 'anal sex' alot.

Ace and Jessa head off on a date after all the sex except Ace derails the whole thing by insisting they head over to Mimi Rose’s place. Since Mimi Rose and Ace used to date and Ace told Adam he wants Mimi Rose back this is understandably uncomfortable for both Jessa and Adam. Mimi Rose seems merely curious though and suggests Adam fries up some sausages for the lot of them.

Shoshanna, in lieu of a job, has gone full-on Claire Underwood planning Ray’s celebration for winning the chairperson election (we're still not entirely sure what a chairperson is but he gets a cake with his face on it so we're guessing it's pretty important). Ray meanwhile is struggling with some racist seniors when Marnie arrives and tells him about her engagement to Desi. Ray calls her a trollop and it’s kind of a joke but also he's pretty upset.

Elijah takes Hannah's dad shopping to turn him into a ‘daddy’. Upon their return Hannah again refutes her homophobia thanks to the fact that she is a 'famous liberal'. Also, Elijah called it; Tad totally hooked up with a guy at college although that was mostly dry humping. Since Hannah learned about 'boundaries' earlier in the day from the principal, she asks that her dad respects hers.

In a total shit show of a dinner; Mimi Rose admits she's jealous that Ace and Jessa are together, news that Ace finds far more exciting than he should considering he's sitting next to a girl he came into mere hours before. Jessa doesn't take this well and says Mimi Rose is full of shit. Mimi Rose decides she wants to be with no-one and Jessa and Adam storm out completely ignoring the fact that there's still a whole plate of sausages on the table which will now probably been thrown away and that's the real tragedy here.

Back over at Ray's party, he does that thing where he abandons his pre-planned acceptance speech mid-sentence to make an entirely different speech; much like every TV politician ever. Ray's new speech though is less a bullshit free diatribe about 'helping the little guy' and more a thinly veiled declaration of love to the newly engaged Marnie.

Ever the wallflower, Marnie uses this moment to take the stage herself and announce her engagment to the room. She's nice like that. Ray, obviously, is sad.

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Illustrations by Nina Cosford

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