Got The Fear About Going Back To Work Tomorrow? These TED Talks’ll Sort You Out

Got The Fear about tomorrow? Have a watch of these guys. Illustration by Alex Coll


by Jess Commons |
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**Caroline Casey: Looking Past Limits **

Worried you’re not good enough at your job? Scared of writing that essay because you don’t think you’re as clever as the rest of your class? Try this lady’s experience on for size. Caroline Casey found out she was legally blind at 17. Instead of hiding away and accepting it, she decided she was going to do everything. First, she learned how to sail, then she took an elephant on a 1,000 km trek across India and raised money for 6,000 cataract operations. Hey, if she can, you can.

**Meg Jay: Why 30 Is Not the New 20 **

Not one to watch if you’re feeling fragile – instead, watch it when you need a good kick up the arse. If you’re coasting through your twenties thinking you’ve got plenty of time to get it together Meg Jay's here to tell you different. The psychologist say that living through your twenties is ‘one of the simplest yet most transformative things you can do for work, love, your happiness maybe even for the world.’ According to her, 8/10 of your life’s most defining moments will happen before you reach 35.

**Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are **

The last day of the weekend before work always leaves us a little bit anxious. Whether it’s being out of the loop for a few days or a lack of sleep, we go into work feeling vulnerable and unconfident. Amy Cuddy’s got a solution: ‘ Fake it until you make it,’ using your body language. She teaches you how to appear confident with your posture and outward movements which’ll endear you to other people and eventually change the way you feel about yourself.

** Elizabeth Gilbert: Your Elusive Creative Genius **

Ignore the face that Elizabeth Gilbert wrote Eat Pray Love (thanks for that, Elizabeth) and instead listen to what she’s got to say about being afraid of the expectations others have of you. Instead of worrying, she says you need to enjoy your work and distance yourself from others. ‘Don’t be afraid, don’t be daunted. Just do your job… keep showing up.’

**Arianna Huffington: How To Succeed? Get More Sleep **

YESSSS, more sleep. And this coming from one of the most influential business women of all time ever. If Arianna says you can have naps, then you can definitely have naps.

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