Girls Episode Four: Hannah’s At A Loss, Shoshanna’s Got No Boss And Ray Goes Full Red Ross

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We start out this week with Shoshanna getting taken down a peg or two at a job interview, which, and it pains me to admit this, warms the cockles slightly after her shenanigans the previous week. Things take an especially cringe-tastic turn for the awks after she touts Chelsea Clinton as one of her heroes for being a very ‘strong woman for struggling so nobly with her very curly hair’.

Over in a pub, Marnie’s playing her new song to Jessa who’s listening with the same level of enthusiasm Jennifer Aniston probably feels when someone asks her about Angelina Jolie again. Luckily Shoshanna breaks the tension when she shows up and tells everyone that she’ll never get a job, the system is broken and also that modern life is rubbish. The ever-sensible Jessa recommends selling an organ. A bodily one. Not a church one.

Hooray! Hannah’s alive after being stolen by the Amish at the end of the last episode which is just as well because we definitely couldn’t handle a Girls/Did You Hear About The Morgans mash-up. Even though she’s physically alright though, Hannah’s less than chuffed with her current situation and does a lot of sitting on the toilet in a Millenial tribute to Rodin’s The Thinker. It doesn’t help that Elijah’s found his niche as the Terry Richardson of the Midwest and has no time for Hannah’s in this melancholic state.

Back in Brooklyn, Ray is not happy with the traffic levels outside his house and decides the best way to diffuse the situation is channel The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln in zombie murdering mode and go HAM on the motorists.


While shit's getting real in New York, Hannah’s in trouble because she pulled a Jerry Maguire and delivered a personal manifesto (sorry, apology letter) to her fellow students’ cubby holes. Basically, it’s less of an apology and more a massive ‘sorry BUT’, like that kind of apology you give your boyfriend when you know you said you’d be over at his by 11, but it was very important that you drank 17 glasses of wine with Jenny because you had a hard week. Basically the whole thing culminates in Hannah throwing a piece of paper at Jeffrey in what he deems ‘an aggressive manner that’s making me feel really uncomfortable’ (Jeffrey’s a douche).

Ray meanwhile has just gone full Red Ross on the motorists outside his house when Shoshanna comes along and lightens the mood with her nihilistic ramblings about the career ladder. The two head off to run errands.

After Hananh’s class, her teacher holds her back to say that she’s concerned because Hannah’s classmates have ‘put her in a box and now she’s suffocating’ (Hannah’s words) and suggests Iowa might have been the wrong choice for her. Hannah’s not getting kicked out though; apparently she’d have to be ‘extremely violent’ with another student for that to happen and Hannah is sad that this is the case because she sort of wanted to be kicked out. Maybe Jeffrey should come by next time she’s chopping veg?

Shoshanna takes Ray shopping and says he’s not a loser so he needs to stop dressing like one. After insulting him though, she apologises for the way their relationship ended and then goes right back to insulting him again. Weirdly though, the two have a really nice day together and Shoshanna encourages Ray to go into local politics. VOTE RAY 2015. (PS remember when Paris Hilton ran for president? That was cool.)

In yet more proof that Desi is an overgrown manchild who wants his gluten-free cake and everything else he can get his guitar-calloused fingers on too, he shows up at Marnie’s door crying like a snot monster because he broke up with Clementine and wants to pick things up with Marnie instead. I mean, it does turn out that he only broke up with Clementine because he thinks she fucked another guy but he goes down on Marnie so everything works out OK in the end.

Hannah's done it! After a chat with her dad (surely the greatest TV dad since Sandy Cohen), she’s free from Iowa! She’s back in New York! So long you big pretentious Iowa wankers! She’s going to run straight back into Adams arms!!! Except erm, there’s a blonde girl who answers Adam’s door and after a very awkward silence it becomes oh so very apparent that this is Adam’s new lady love and everything is shit and the world needs to stop so we can all get off right now.

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Illustration: Nina Cosford

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