Get Every Single Thing You Need For Your Uni Kitchen For Just £20\*

*Alright, £21.41, so sue us.


by Isabelle Aron |

Packing for university starts off being like, the most exciting thing you’ve ever done. Deciding what stuff from your youth should accompany you on in your journey into adulthood? That’s a turning point you’re going to remember for the rest of your life. The problem is though, the actual practicalities of figuring out what you need to live does get boring after a while, especially when it comes to what kitchen stuff to buy.

Obviously, you don’t want to spend all your cash from your summer job on this stuff as your halls of residence will inevitably not be kind to Le Creuset pots, but you do want to make sure you’re buying the right things. To help you navigate this minefield, we’ve put together a guide to help you kit out your kitchen without making a dent in your student loan.

The cutlery that actually will last the year

You may think you don’t need a 16-piece cutlery set – you are wrong. You will lose about 90 per cent of your cutlery. But with 16 pieces, who cares?


£1.73, Wilko

The mug that’s easily identifiable

Everyone, bar *everyone *will have the same mug as you. Thanks, IKEA! Break free from the herd with this turquoise mug that you’ll easily be able to pick out from everyone else’s boring white ones. And, at 35p, it costs less than the biscuits you’ll be dipping into your endless cups of tea.


35p, Ikea

The only knife you’ll ever need

You’ll probably only have one, solitary sharp knife, so choose wisely. This one will manage veg, meat, cheese and at a push, bread. But then they invented sliced bread for a reason, right?


£2, Tiger

The all-purpose glass

Don’t faff about with wine glasses, all you need is this one-size-fits-all tumbler. But don’t get too attached, either: there’s a 50 per cent chance it will end up smashed. In which case, maybe even splash out on two? You big spender you.


50p, Ikea

The frying pan that won’t ruin your eggs

Two words: non stick. It’s basically the only requirement for a frying pan. That and being round. Anything else is a bonus.


£4, Wilko

The grater you can store stuff in

In the unlikely event that you grate more cheese than you can eat, this is a kind of grater-come-Tupperware, so you can save some for later.


£2.50, Sainsbury’s

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The tool you’ll need to open all those tins of baked beans

Let’s face it, you’ll be eating a lot of tinned food. Take it from someone who knows: a knife is not a good substitute for a tin opener.


99p, eBay

The saucepan for every occasion

Whether it’s scrambled eggs or pasta, and well, sauce. Whatever your pan-cooking needs, this guy’s got it covered.


£2.25, Wilko

The key to your booze supply

Pretty self-explanatory – you can’t open beer without a bottle opener. Apparently, you can use a spoon but I’m not convinced. And if you’re really fancy, you’ll need the corkscrew for wine, too.


86p, Amazon

The trusty bowl

Bowl thievery is a serious subject in university life. So, whereas your whole life you’ve had a bowl surplus (thanks Mum), now you need to learn to guard yours with your life.


£1, Tiger

The humble plate

Again, just the one plate guys, we’re not pushing the boat out here.


75p, Wilko

The all-in-one draining utensil

Well, that pasta isn’t going to drain itself, is it? This one can also sift flour if you’re that way inclined.


£1, Sainbury’s

The no-frills vegetable peeler

Does what it says on the tin. Even if you’re not a carrot kind of girl, no-one bar no-one doesn’t eat potatoes.


50p, Tesco

The cheap and cheerful chopping board

Don’t resort to chopping your stuff on the kitchen sideboards. You’re at uni, you’re not an animal.


80p, Ikea

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The roast potato tool

Try as you might, you cannot roast potatoes without some form of baking tray. And a life without roast potatoes doesn’t seem worth living.


£1.18, Sainsbury’s

The standard kitchen utensil bundle

This pack covers all the basic utensils, including two wooden spoons and a spatula for all your stirring and flipping needs.


£1, Tesco

Total: £21.41

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