The Food To Eat When You’ve Had A Heavy Weekend And More

Nutritionist Madeleine Shaw spills the beans on what food fixes your ills.


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Overdone it a bit at the weekend? Put that Berocca down and focus on what you're eating instead. We spoke to top nutritionist Madeleine Shaw who told us what foods to eat when it's all gone a little bit wrong.**


Here's what to eat when...

Your skin's a bit rubbish

'Vitamin E rich foods such as almonds, spinach and fish are essential, they help keep the skin moist.'

You're feeling bloated

'The beat the bloat you need to heal the digestive system. Fill your body is beneficial bacteria from natural yogurt and sauerkraut.'

You've had a heavy weekend

'Ginger tea and chicken soup. Both of these reduce inflammation and help to repair the damage that has gone down.'

You need some energy for the afternoon ahead

'1 tsp of coconut oil, it helps sugar cravings and converts directly to energy in the body.'

You've just come back from the gym

'Protein! Chicken, eggs or fish.'

Fast food's the only option

'Nuts, avocado or smoked salmon.'

You're struggling to get to sleep

'Magnesium tablets to camomile tea.'

You've got £5 left and you want to cook a healthy dinner

'Grab a sweet potato and some chicken legs. Roast them in the oven in salt and pepper and serve with some rocket.'

You've got to go on holiday in 2 weeks and you haven't really been doing the healthy eating you promised yourself

'Cut out refined sugar. Start eating protein for breakfast like eggs with smoked salmon instead of your cereal.'

Your hair looks rubbish

'Coconut oil, fish, grass fed meat and eggs. Healthy fats = healthy hair.'

You're struggling to get your brain to work

'Walnuts! Amazing for brain function.'


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