Things To Make Your Kitchen More Grown Up (Without Spending A Fortune)

New year, new you… ish. Buy these things to kickstart your sort-of reinvention into real life adult


by Jess Commons |
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Le Creuset Goods

Not only could they slay a burglar in one fell swoop (have you held one of their frying pans? Those things are* *hea-vy), Le Creuset goods are really good quality and have the added bonus of looking all classy-like. Don’t pay full price - they last forever so getting second-hand ones off eBay is NBD. Just give them a good scrub yeah?


A Knife That Works

Don’t spend much on this unless you fancy doing that Masterchef speed cucumber chopping thing, which let’s face it – might just be for wankers. All you need for your humble (yet honourable) level of cooking is a blade doesn’t bend when you try and slice carrots. This one from Lakeland will do just nicely.


Matching Knives And Forks

If you’re going cheap buying your next cutlery set, avoid plastic handles at all costs; bits’ll fall off, food will get stuck in the handles and they’ll discolour over time. Ikea’s Svit cutlery set is nothing to be sniffed at. It’ll age well and actually looks a bit posh. If you squint.


Cafetiere – or a Nespresso Machine If You’re Loaded

Laters Nescafe, freeze dried coffee isn’t cutting it anymore. Grab yourself a cafetiere and some posh fresh coffee – if you start your day off grown up, who knows where you’ll end up? The added bonus is you’ll stop spending a fortune in the Starbucks down the road.


Red AND White Wine Glasses

Not completely sure what the difference is but having some big bowl-on-stem type things so your red wine has room to ‘breathe’ or whatever it does, makes it look like you probably know a lot more about wine than you actually do.


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