Some Films To Watch On Netflix When You’re Depressed About Going Back To Work Tomorrow

It's not that bad. Promise.


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God is there *anything * worse that going back to work after a long weekend? I mean yes, yes there is, we're not mentalists, but still, it sucks big time. The best way to get over it all is to distract yourself, and no we don't mean by heading to the pub and drinking your 19th cider of the weekend. That'll just end in tears and you'll feel shit tomorrow, which is the last thing you need.

Instead, distract yourself by ordering a curry and watching something on the telly box. Here's the best things to watch on your Netflix to beat the Monday blues.

For when you want to keep the good times going

It’s always Sunny In Philadelphia

For some reason, other than a few episodes screening on Bravo and Virgin1 this show’s never found a home on UK TV. Which is a shame, because it’s hilarious. Dennis, Deandra, Charlie and Mac own a rubbish pub in Philadelphia, live in pathetic apartments, are perpetually single and essentially terrible people. Nevertheless the stupity of their dysfunctional actions do make for very funny viewing – especially in Season Two once Danny Devito shows up.

For when you need a good cry to realise you’re being a bit silly

Celeste and Jesse Forever

Sometimes crying so much that you feel like a knob is the only thing you can do to get a bit of persepective on the situation and realise that heading back to your job for a four day week after a delight of a weekend is something of a First World Problem. Celeste and Jesse Forever is one of the those films that's capable of inducing those sort of full-body wracking sobs that are normally reserved for rather more serious events IRL. Watch the film, cry for a bit, feel a bit silly then realise everything’s not actually that bad and get on with tomorrow.

For when you want to watch lots of other people hating their job too

Office Space

One of the comedy world’s best unsung heroes, Office Space follows Ron Livingston (Berger in SATC) who works in the most boring office ever with the most insufferable boss that’s ever existed. Along with his two co-workers Ron turns criminal and starts stealing from the company before things get out of hand. An excellent rallying cry for all those stuck in dead-end jobs.

For when you need a film that’s like a big warm blanket

The Parent Trap

No not the Li-Lo one. You definitely don't need to start thinking about where it all went wrong for Lindsay at 9:30PM on a bank holiday Monday, that's almost too much for a regular night. Instead, revert back to the Hayley Mills version from 1961. It's charming, wholesome and child-friendly. Perfect to cleanse your dirty dirty self of all the gross things you did at the weekend.

For when you need want to be completely distracted

No bathroom breaks in this one. Misery is so tense it'll leave you little room to think about anything else. James Caan is a famous novellist of rubbishy books who crashes his car in heavy snow. Luckily, he's saved by a nurse played by Kathy Bates who takes him to her remote home and sets about nursing him back to health. Only problem is, she's batshit insane, obsessed with James' books and very very unhappy when she finds out what's set to happen to their heroine at the end of his next book....

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